1. Throughout the history of the US Navy the name Enterprise has referred to 8 ships, a recon balloon and a training facility.

  2. I do this but with 5 questions, which makes it easier. Recent common threads that were winners: 867-5309 (What number means you got kicked out of the bar? -86. Jack Daniels is also referred to as old # what? -#7), the 'Historical Figures' from Bill& Ted's Excellent Adventure, Never Gonna Give you Up.

  3. Oh my God the Bill and Ted one is amazing. I might have to steal that one.

  4. Not retired. He was an active duty US Army Ranger.

  5. I believe the guy still lives there. His CO was kind of pissed that they only winged the bad guys, I don't think anyone actually died.

  6. Would you not be terrified that someone is going to follow you to the gas station and pop one off when you're by yourself?

  7. I don't know that they really wanted to 'finish' that fight after 'finding out.' it's also possible that's part of why they didn't shoot to kill. Of course that neighborhood isn't nearly that bad anymore, Hilltop got so much attention that it improved a lot. East Side is where the trouble is now, and that's still not as bad as Hilltop in the 90s.

  8. You dressed yourself this way entirely to impress your possible stepson, amiright?

  9. Does the upper lip piercing serve as a braille target for blind guys?

  10. At my weekly trivia night the last place team gets to choose a category for the next week. The host can present that category however they choose to but it encourages the "loser" of the night to come back again the next week as they would possibly have a slight advantage picking that category. I also give a $10 Amazon gc for the best team name. I send out an email to the players in the morning of the trivia night and always include a hand-picked quote. I've had players tell me they look forward to reading the quote even if they can't make it to the quiz.

  11. Safety Dance from Men in Hats. Mambo #5, Lou bega. Smells like Teen Spirit, Nirvana.

  12. $50.00 seems REALLY low if you are drawing a crowd! That's less than $40.00 dollars U.S. which is criminal for a 3-hour game. The food and drink is a bit of a whatever because that's only another few bucks for them at cost price.

  13. Thank you for all the feedback we are a casual fine dining / brewery (8$ Beer $21 Burger + Fries) open Wednesday - Sunday, we just started being closed on Tuesdays 2 weeks ago, I think what you were doing is very similar to what I am doing (eg: writing the rounds, brought answer booklets, pens) They will print black & white for me but not colour I go off to the local library to print in colour.

  14. If you are responsible for filling a room then you are worth more than $50. Especially if you can do it in the off-season, and/or on a Tuesday when they would be mostly empty otherwise.

  15. Or just mention what you need. If you always undercut yourself then pitch "what you need" + 25% because you're underselling yourself again.

  16. Lookin' like "Cousin It" and the clown from "It" had a child and spoiled it. Keep rebelling, maybe with enough finger tatts no one will see how soft your hands are.

  17. Thanks for spelling all that out, I do pencil and paper and see a lot of what you're talking about from the other side. I love being able to adapt, I usually have an extra question in each category and pick the top 5. Why do you think your trivia nights succeed? I'll go first: my categories are more often on point. Last week we had questions about the G.O.A.T.s, followed by a category on goats, for example. Keeps things fun.

  18. That sounds super clever! I love that. Our games are not themed, except for the bonus rounds between the 5 main rounds. Our games are very question heavy, though -- 55 questions and 4 10q bonus rounds each night. It's a 2-hour game, so it's made for people who really love trivia, and are on the nerdier side of the pub crowd. I'm a popular host because I mix in a lot of comedy. I feel like a lot of the questions are prompts for a joke, and if people have really funny wrong answers, I riff on that, too. And even though the games are heavier than others in the pub scene, the questions are really well varied and we have some really fun stuff among the academic content.

  19. That's great, thanks. I'm sitting here in the bar post-trivia answering this. That's a lot of questions in 2 hours, how are they scored? I do 40 questions only, 10 per quarter. But I'm scoring on paper in the back.

  20. Chihuahuas. A lot of people don’t like them, which is a shame because when given the right love and care, chihuahuas can be wholesome sweet hearts. I used to hate chihuahuas, it wasn’t until I owned one that I was proven wrong.

  21. Is there a fun story about how you got a Chihuahua while not liking them at the time?

  22. You think five whole minutes is the right amount of time between lightning round questions? Or am I interpreting that wrong?

  23. I'm a rookie trivia host, and I don't do lightning rounds, but he does not mean per question. Boom boom. Keep it moving, this isn't their wake.

  24. I'm a rookie trivia host, and I don't do lightning rounds, but he does not mean per question. Boom boom. Keep it moving, this isn't their wake.

  25. My landlord fixed my cracked toilet with roofing tar.

  26. That's a new experience: I had to do a double-take to see that you DIDN'T have a neck tattoo.

  27. Crazy how your "Happy Trail" is a highway that goes straight up to your mouth.

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