1. It was one of my favorite games on GBA. If you like Fire Emblem style games but a bit more simple, you'll like this game.

  2. Was this post the jinx that started it all?

  3. Besides JoMo, Helley, and maybe Lowry, I don't think I can name a single player that is playing ok this game.

  4. I really enjoyed the fan byte podcast that Imran and Michael were on. It really filled in the genre gap that KF doesn't cover.

  5. fwiw, he and a bunch of other ex-Fanbyte folks now do a podcast called Materia Possessions every two weeks

  6. Had no idea. Thanks, I'll definitely check it out!

  7. I think like a one off movie on netflix would be dope. Have a cool soundtrack to go along with it. It has that spiderverse style animation kinda going for it

  8. Now that I'm almost done the game, I feel like a series would make more sense. Where each episode is one of the bosses, would be pretty cool imo.

  9. 5 hours in, and I think it's one of the best 3d platforms I've ever played. I'm not all that great at rhythm games, metal hell singer I bounced off of pretty fast finding it difficult to stay on beat, but Hi-Fi Rush I'm able to stay on neat and not even really have to try. The environments and the more linear paths are a breath of fresh air where every other game these days feels way too big and checklisty. A solid 4/5, and by the end, I bet I'll say it's a 5/5.

  10. Yup I believe in the episode 2 Screencast.

  11. Read between the lines and Mitchell just said the riders arr a tire fire and he wasn't signing there.

  12. Or they truly believed that the oline wasn't an issue and have no plans to address it, while everyone on the outside can see that it very much so is an issue.

  13. Fuck it. Bring in Toews. Team is frustrating to watch.

  14. 5 but have no clue when that happened

  15. This happens very often with KF and IGN, in one review of a game I remember them saying "Oh and that twist over the other twist!" Dude, really, saying there's a twist that follows another twist in a game without getting into details is still a spoiler, because now I am expecting those twists in the game, so when I play it won't have the same impact or shock because I was already expecting something, maybe not specifics but still I already know something is coming. You should take notes from Jake Baldino, he's one of my favorite reviewers, and a great example that you don't need to go deep into specifics to make a point about a game being good or bad.

  16. IGN I find is the worst for putting spoilers in their thumbnails.

  17. I believe Amazon is doing that, right? Imo the LoTR didn't have the best writing, so I'll be 50/5] going into it.

  18. I’ve been playing the game up until where the episode ends and enjoying it that way

  19. If the remaster went on sale, I'd totally be doing this too

  20. Definitively something wrong is happening within the ownership. I hope everything gets clear anytime soon.


  22. Got pretty lucky with Minnesota Dallas and Vegas losing as much as us this past week. Looking forward to the home stand and the boys getting some rest soon.

  23. Seems like the whole division, minus Colorado, is struggling a bit with consistency.

  24. You know you had a bad night when Nashville outshoots you. 41 shots on net was really bad. They only get like 20-25 a game.

  25. 95% of wheelers penalties are lazy ones because he's gassed.

  26. I’d assume Bo Levi would be a steep increase at QB from Evans. We needed a GUY or we weren’t doing anything for the foreseeable future.

  27. Hopefully, he works out because the ticats gave up a lot of future picks in exchange.

  28. 3 year deal is odd. I'm assuming there's guaranteed money to get Bo to sign 3 years and in favor of Bo so he gets something if he just gets released.

  29. Didn't show up in my spotify feed for some reason. I had to go throw the link on Greg's tweet to get it to show up for me.

  30. Thay city is notorious for their fans' poor behavior. For example, my team played the flyers last night, and a player on my team blocked a shot and was writhing in pain on the ice so the refs stopped the play and the whole stadium started to boo the injured player. Just classless.

  31. I feel like Philly has got to be the most collectively insecure city

  32. I'd add Toronto and Dallas to that list

  33. I'm skipping for now. Maybe on sale later or even better on PS+

  34. After the 2 year exclusive window is over, I can see this hitting gamepass for sure.

  35. I can see it being $20 by the end of the year

  36. Gary is apart of some terrible shit. This game and the comic he’s currently writing. DC fans even me isn’t happy with Batman: Fortress

  37. Idk I really liked fortress. His audio story gundog was really good, too, but some of the dialog could be cringe from time to time.

  38. Jesus Vancouver went through 8 coaches in 10 years, if they can’t find success with that many coaches, at what point is it maybe not the coaching, but the players themselves?

  39. If it is the players, it shouldn't be an issue going forward. Who would want to re-sign with a situation like that between coaching staff and management?

  40. Honestly, I hope they get their money and gtfo, management doesn’t deserve anyone on that team right now.

  41. 100% I hope the new coach gets them some wins, so they get out of the running for Bedard.

  42. CoD multiplayer has been my go to lately. Stardew is another good one. Pokemon.

  43. Thought the opening was really good, but then it got a bit slow, but then then when they got to the museum, the build-up to the 1st clicker was really good. Learning new things about the world feels almost like this is how Neil wanted the world to be, but didn't make sense for a game. Overall, a solid 9 out of 10 imo, extra point for fungi kisses.

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