1. I used to get a strong urge to do this from time to time when I was trying to sleep and could not get to sleep unless I slept the other way around.

  2. a tragedy whos stock phrase is Never Forget was never gonna survive the "I forgor 💀" meme

  3. I was thinking a shaving accident. A bad one.

  4. Being Bye-lingual is pretty common. If you read more in English and watch shows in English that should help to lesson the problem.

  5. My stepdad forced me do that when I was getting my first job. All that did was was make me look like an idiot and probably part of the reason why it took soooo long for me to finally get a job.

  6. Masking is sometimes like that. unconsciously masking in different situations can cause different personalities to present.

  7. I don't know what the other interpretation of the instructions is.

  8. I just went through some comments on the original post. Apparently they meant 4 pints (about 1,89 L) of blue and green.

  9. Ok thanks. It seems weird to phrase is that way though but I'm autistic sooo.....

  10. A Nochturnal primate that looks kind of like a bat and fills the nich of woodpeckers. Neat.

  11. Sometimes children are born with a different skin color that changes over time .

  12. I don't mind overthinking all the time... It's the quiet moments where things go silent that I worry.

  13. When that's your normal state then yes a quite mind then makes you worry.

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