1. Yes, I usually have four, one for EMP and the rest for HE. They're great against hordes, mech clusters and the likes. I also love shooting antigrain warheads with them when possible rather than making IEDs with them

  2. Double duty time. The injuries you get are only slightly longer than the fatigue they'll get after the first mission and you can hopefully get out of the fatigue spiral. Unless you're expecting a base defense, of course

  3. Yeah I had red fog second wave, so in my mind that idiot shouldn't have hit someone behind full cover. I was expecting perfect information to show a small one digit percentage, but the game has its own rules and the thin man just ONE HUNDRED PERCENTED the vip to death. So now Im gonna get revenge and just cheat my way a few months forward in a new game because fuck that thin man.

  4. It's been know since forever, shots against civilians always hit. It sucks but it's not news

  5. Fr? Thats messed up. I was hoping red fog (the thin man was injured) and full cover would protect him. What even is the point of the "head down" ability of vips lmao

  6. No point. Probably a programming oversight but it's been that way in vanilla as well. I think it's just hardcoded.

  7. I do not agree with ignoring the big crab, your plague doc won't do anything but cleanse their bleeds.

  8. Crab takes two spaces right? It's still an action in your favour

  9. Either restart or cheat in the research you would have gone for with the console command. You really cannot lose an entire month of research, especially on Impossible. I'd probably just cheat it in, just make a quick new save to check for the time it would have taken or something like that to figure out how much you would have accomplished in that time. You might have lost 1 or 2 council requests depending on your planned research path, starting country and RNG, but it's not as bad as being behind a month for the entire tech tree.

  10. Oh boy, 5 health seekers. 3 health sectoids. Those are baby aliens and you murdered them?

  11. After years of only Long War it's almost weird seeing the base health values

  12. But why would you want this? Surely it would be much more satisfying to raise a team of champions to finally put an end to their tyranny?

  13. Oh wow what a new reaction! It’s a video game set in a fictional world let people play how they want. You don’t like playing like that? Cool! Good for you! Keep it to yourself pls.

  14. Says the guy that immediately questioned OP choice of alliance. Just shut up

  15. Me going for Confounding Lights with 8 rookies with only some smoke, alien trophies and SMGs

  16. So, I imagine your ALT and F4 keys have been worn down to the goddamn nub right?

  17. No, as a matter of fact I used the strategy three times in three campaigns and I suffered a wipe once. No Gangplank for that one. I do it only if I can't spare a team for Confounding Light.

  18. TL;DR: an American rookie with horrible luck and that appeared to doom everyone around her. I made her into an officer.

  19. Idk if it's popular or unpopular, but Antibirth OST was better than Repentance

  20. This is great and all but mayhem is still kind of a noob trap next to double tap and ITZ.

  21. No matter what perks you pick you're going to want a minimum of two ammo on your GLR for any kind of sustain (or burst as well, for DT). That means either ammo conservation or hicaps. And in that situation double tap will massively outdamage mayhem on turn 1 and 3, while mayhem has a very slight advantage on turn two.

  22. Sorry, I trust more the math I saw than some rando talking out of his ass.

  23. Wait it can fail? Legitimately haven't had that happen somehow

  24. In Long War you get a 54% chance at 1hp max (57% at 3ho or less with a Foundry upgrade)

  25. i hate when game designers try to pit the game against you.

  26. I agree with the first sentiment and I use a popular tiny edit that makes the Arc Thrower a pistol slot item. Engineers aren't going to use the pistol anyway and the weight of the item is still a heavy debuff, but at least I don't have to sacrifice two grenades.

  27. Ooooh epic. I want to find or make a StarCraft 2 Ghost or spectre voice pack. There’s a classic xcom video that has one it’s great. It’s the Lone Wolf Classic Ironman video from 7 years ago. YouTube. Insane video and awesome voice pack. Super jelly as it doesn’t exist anymore.

  28. Oh about Lone Wolf, just to put it into perspective how hard it is even starting with a colonel (or master Sergeant in LW) I did the Lone Wolf achievement in LW. I started in Japan, which has a start that gives you a max rank soldier at the start, and made an Assault with all the required perks with a precise strategy in mind. I took on the first small crashed UFO and there were 7 or 8 alien, Outsider included. I had to use Absolutely Critical just to ensure that the Outsider would die in one shot (and even then there was a small chance of rolling 9 damage, Outsiders start with 10hp) and play carefully with a precise strategy in mind. It wasn't too hard and I did first try with just armour damage, but that's the easiest mission in the game bar light abductions, and it was a MSGT vs starting Sectoids and one Outsider with no perk. Imagine going up against 6 or 7 Outsiders with 90+ aim on the lower difficulty when your skills are the same and the only difference is your equipment... But the aliens also got better, with more hp, damage and perks. You really need a team.

  29. Holy crap that def sounds intense!!! Lone Wolf on long war sounds insane so respect for getting it done! I’m trying to weigh the percentage of success in my head for myself and I can’t imagine trying to take on LW with one solider. Ooooof. Although I’ve really dialed in classic. End game is easier of course. Despite facing berserkers and sectoid commanders and cyber disks the alloy cannon and mind control just destroys their ranks. Coupled with 95 defense from medals and skills and ghost armor, it gets really crazy

  30. I made a post detailing it a while ago

  31. It goes both ways, like when people post "this is the best souls" posts from

  32. I had a Mouton do it once when I was about to capture it. I think it's simply the game messing up the throw, but I like to think that he did it to avoid capture.

  33. Seriously, how did English /ər/ turn into Russian /jor/?

  34. There's also the opposite. A lot of ë becoming e (Фёдор becoming Feodor for example)

  35. Chess without gore isn't chess, don't play it!

  36. If you played the OG I'd recommend EW just to get a hold of the enemies and the campaign I'm general and then to go Long War.

  37. Based... wait, authcenter? You feeling alright there buddy?

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