1. Reading these responses, no wonder half you dudes have problems getting it up. You refuse to enforce basic standards of beauty.

  2. Sometimes the cat comes, and sometimes it ignores me. Have had cats where it worked really well though.

  3. If you were my son I’d risk the child abuse charge and beat you with a flip flop in front of your friends at Walmart just to make sure you never got laid.

  4. Lol, the marine doesn't understand jokes. Go eat some crayons 🖍

  5. Probably because you put thought into the ad and there was a bunch of steps. Delete is a single button so it is much faster.

  6. Women are so evil that they have to bleed once a month to get some of that evil out. You know, the truth.

  7. Your mom seemed to care last night, but that is what the extra $ gets you.

  8. I just told them to close their eyes, lol. Idk aliens was shown to then at around 9 or 10. Jaws earlier than that.

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