1. Casually eat a clove of garlic and/or a whole onion in case of conversation, avert my eyes from their general vicinity with the skills of a hammerhead shark, and dress in a sack that is at least two sizes too big that I picked up at the nearest potato factory.

  2. Thanks for making me laugh this morning. If I had I'd give a award.

  3. You’re welcome! I appreciate the thought but knowing it made someone laugh is just as nice :)

  4. Frequent female lurker here. Basically I’ve learned that it’s not gay if you say “no homo” beforehand, random (good) blow jobs are appreciated almost every time, and oh! bobs and vagene.

  5. I would communicate expectations. For example household chores, work schedules, finances/bills, making sure both of your individual time is still respected etc. It really helped me and my SO. And as with most things, open communication is key! That’s exciting though and definitely celebrate this next step with a nice dinner in or whatever y’all like :)

  6. You're right. It makes me further understand why many men I know feel lonely. I'm all for creating more safe spaces for men to feel more supported. There's a lot of inner societal work that could be done too but that might be too big a feat before morning coffee :)

  7. Why would those post be removed it looked like a wonderful and peaceful conversation and I can’t read it. Women answer all the time on Ask men and nobody censure them. That’s so frustrating !!!!

  8. Do what you feel would help. If you need to delete his number, block or mute on social media, archive photos or get rid of them, do it. Protect your peace of mind and give yourself the time to move on at your own speed. Distract yourself with good friendships or hobbies if you have them. There’s no one pace or timeline. I’m sorry you’re still hurting some days but it will get easier :)

  9. If society treats you well. Random smiles, approachability, opening doors, asking you out, sparking conversations etc. Granted I'm from the Midwest so I smile at everyone and their neighbor but just what I've noticed.

  10. So I grew up in a stricter Christian home so I was always taught anything outside of wedlock was a sin and that having more than one partner was frowned upon. I was quite sheltered until college when I was finally on my own, seeing the world around me without rose-colored glasses, and realizing that having sex didn’t necessarily have to be this great life-altering thing.

  11. So it's more of an ethical thing that prevents you from being more promiscuous? It isn't that you don't WANT to or don't enjoy it?

  12. I think it’s just how I feel but maybe it does stem from something ingrained in me. Like I’m only truly promiscuous with my partner but when I’m comfortable it all comes out. The kinks, the fantasies, etc. I hope that makes sense haha

  13. I go from feeling like I’m walking through Satan’s taint to being buried in a block of ice. I have bad cramps and my boobs hurt. A 3am crime scene is not uncommon. Just loveeeee it 🥰😂

  14. Remember that your worth is not based on those around you. Take the time to heal, accept it, and realize you deserve someone who is equally ecstatic about you as you are with them.

  15. I think sexual compatibility is really important and my drive is on the medium side. Personally I don’t think once a week vs 3 is that much a gap than say something like once a day vs. once a month difference. I could handle the former as long as he was cool with self pleasure. Obviously it’s something that should be discussed between the two partners in question but just my opinion!

  16. My love language is acts of service and he does the sweetest little things that really add up. Waiting for me to eat after work so we can dine together, walking me out to my car even when it’s cold out in the morning and he could sleep in, and leaving love notes sometimes. He’s the best and it reminds me that the smallest things can mean the most so I like to reciprocate.

  17. Dental professional here… it’s true. Think about it? Why does an orthodontist not only go to dental school but then specialize in orthodontics? It’s a very fine scale art that requires lots of measurements down to the millimeter. So many people think orthodontics comes down to a perfect cosmetic smile but it’s so much more than that. It’s overall bite and how that effects the jaw, chewing ability, overall appearance of the mouth, Lower half of the face, etc and not to mention the alignment of teeth for hygienic purposes. Selling this sh*t over the internet with “influencers” as the reps with zero dental background kills me. It’s another bastardization of a health care industry by the tech industry. All for the ultimate dollar and not for the good of the patient. It gets under my skin that people are listening to HER about what is best for the smile instead of those of us that have actually put in the hard work, time, and money to be EDUCATED on the subject. But because she’s cute and had lots of FoLlOwErS we should listen to her recommendations above all…. So she can make the ultimate dollar.

  18. I tried SDC for a couple of months to make minor straightening adjustments and it completely messed up my bite. My chewing was off. My jaw hurt. Luckily I just finished Invisalign through my orthodontist and I'm so happy with the results. I will never not use a professional again. It's an investment but one I would 100% recommend.

  19. Oh yeah. I’m normally oblivious and assume people are just nice. However sometimes a patient will ask me out which throws me off. Obviously I try to be friendly with everyone as a nurse and stay professional. I won’t lie though, it almost always makes the rest of the shift with them a tad awkward haha.

  20. I love how most seem to show up as they are. Looking flawless rolling up in a t shirt and jeans and/or being themselves (nerdy, goofy, etc.) with no qualms. I think it’s really admirable and endearing.

  21. I was today year’s old when I heard this. I’ve never met any woman that was appalled. Maybe scared of getting gas alone at night or something but never the actual act of doing it.

  22. Wow, that's impressive. All I can think of is you are the epitome of what the beast should have looked like after the curse was broken in the live action film. Majestic as hell but strong.

  23. My hair also reaches down to my back and is curly and very manelike at times and reddish blonde which I get from the Frankish people, Google Clovis I. People have said I looked like a lion. Another interesting fact is they wore their hair long as a symbol of their power and were called the long haired kings. If they lost their throne or in battle, their hair would be cut off.

  24. Oh wow, yeah! I definitely see where it comes from after googling. That’s really cool to learn. Well keep rocking it, my liege. May the drains stay unclogged and your locks stay golden.

  25. Blatantly tell him I think he’s attractive, walk away questioning why I have no ounce of subtlety, and think of the interaction later keeping me awake until ungodly hours of the morning

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