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  1. Go fishing…check the tide schedule and make sure to go at a night where there is high tide..pick a well lit area You have have breakfast together while waiting for the fish to bite..

  2. The op is probably looking for some quick bucks with the triple damage language…hate people likes that ..y’all already got your deposit back..

  3. Ask first..if the boiler mess up they will put it on you…it’s not your apartment why spend the money on changing

  4. You need to call the city and report this issue to the police. Hold your rent in an escrow ect..he can’t go into your unit without 24 hours notice unless it’s an emergency. Ignore the other guys’s comment. Landlord can’t harm needs to be called to the police.

  5. You will need a custom radio harness. It’s absolutely needed. Google for it. As for the 8.4”, you can grab one from eBay . Make sure it doesn’t have navigation

  6. Do you have manual controlled hvac? Or do you have the semi-automatic hvac control? ( need to point you to the right face trim) the hvac control can’t be replaced separately from the head unit trim cover

  7. Because your existing unit don’t have navigation, you can’t replace it with a 8.4” with gps. You will need to buy a 8.4” uconnect w/o navigation. ( eBay that) I upgraded mine for about $400 total…you will need to google for that custom made harness…someone from a Ram forum webpage sells it…without that custom wire, you can’t upgrade

  8. Is it Wilmington or Winchester that you have to drop off your own trash at the city’s dump ??? I heard that the town don’t have trash pick up…

  9. Nice price. I've noticed a wide discrepancy in pricing for heat pumps based on geography. We did a 5-unit Mitsubishi hyper heat system this year. We live within 128 and I got 5 quotes. The cheapest anyone would go was $24k. My colleague lives in central Mass and got the same size system for $17k. Folks I know in Maine paid even less. I know labor rates are different due to cost of living, but I still feel like I got ripped off! I was able to take a $5k rebate based on system size.

  10. Cost also depends on the difficulty of the install…I got a 5zone hyper heat installed for $24k with the 10k rebate…pretty reasonable price IMO

  11. EV don’t have the power engine sounds..don’t matter how fast..they aren’t sport car

  12. Korean…grilling…check out Guy-Kaku in the South Bay Area..plenty of parking and great food

  13. These are tier1 city for sure…villages/ less develop cities don’t get those least not for me 30 years ago lol

  14. I was there last week at carabali…it was super fun, they send you out with a group of 5 atv/utv..with the guide leading….we did the one hour with kids..if you have no kid I would recommend doing the 2 hours…our 1 hour fell super short….

  15. Do home inspectors usually pull toilets and run drain cameras? Definitely sounds like a plumbing company did the inspection to me.

  16. If it’s affordable then it will very likely matter…if it’s market rate, then it shouldn’t.

  17. Careful with those mileage ratings…heard that they perform very poorly in the cold…Tesla can’t do a round trip boston to the cape…

  18. Not worth the cost the $$ I have digital speedo..overtime it doesn’t feel as special anymore

  19. If your friend is on the lease and remain a resident of the residence then yes he’s obligated to pay the back rent. BHA should retroactively lower the rent to exclude calculation of the father’s income to the date of his passing. This should reduce the amount owe.

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