1. This fight pissed me off so hard. ...until I cheesed it by only sending 1 person down then sneak the rest when the fight starts and teleported everyone down lol.

  2. Haha, this was still an easier fight than the one with "Gwydian". That NPC is the epitome of idiot. lol

  3. It's slow but still better than CoC upgrade times. Only if they gave more builders w/o investing money :')

  4. Why does it smell like Sword Art Online IRL ?

  5. We need more MVPs like him in the game industry, cheers ! :D

  6. Wow, that's lower than the ping between the routers in my home LOL !

  7. Damn, that must have been a heck lot of hard-smart work there. Cheers OP for the contribution !

  8. I don’t understand how that is fun for people. I try to understand the type of person that would take the time and effort to do that to ruin other peoples experiences and I always end up imagining a sad and pathetic person no matter how hard I try.

  9. I'm on SEA and it has the highest amount of cheaters. It's always a pain to play a multiplayer game normally :')

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