1. Or make illusory fog and tell your Allie’s it’s an illusion so they can see through it but the enemy can’t

  2. You have seen a tuxedo print novelty T-shirt. I want that but with fantasy clothes and armor. Kind of like the panels on a lego figurine torso. I’ve never seen it but also never looked for it.

  3. I was able to find some basic chainmail stuff but that’s it.

  4. Technically speaking, the flumphs are allowed because they were in the SRD. WotC basically said they allow anyone to make stuff with it under the OGL.

  5. Yeah, I though a bunch of other stuff was allowed too. Which stuff can we use now?

  6. I know this is an older post but I feel the same way! I’ve never felt nervous or hesitated to ask someone out… until now!

  7. Not great, we had a second date but there just wasn’t a whole lot there :/. I big you luck though!

  8. No, but with their updated breath weapons you can roleplay Godzilla/Gojira's Atomic Breath when combined with the Rune Knight's ability to grow Large and then Huge. Or really any Kaiju/Giant Monster's breath attack.

  9. Oh nice, just bc I don’t know I’ll also ask. What changed about the breath attacks?

  10. They use Constitution instead of Charisma for their saving throw DC's, you can use it a number of times per long rest equal to your proficiency modifier, and you can replace one of the attacks from the attack action with a use of your breath weapon.

  11. Thank you so much! I feel like that post is so right there, but I SWEAR I spent like an hour scowering the internet

  12. Really? I might be worried I came off as creepy. I would feel flattered myself tho, which is odd.

  13. I thought this was a FF7 character build…

  14. You were mistaken, my idea is MUCH MUCH more stupid

  15. I'm a personal fan of using Crusher with booming blade, and multiclassing to full caster after level 10.

  16. I know this is super old, but does crusher with with booming blade? I thought the creature had to move willingly…

  17. They do. But after crusher is finished pushing, if the creature would like to return to melee with you they'll have to move to do so. So admittedly it is limited where the creature wants to use ranged capabilities, but most monsters are designed to either be melee only or deal more damage in melee

  18. Female Blonde young adult Half elf artificer!

  19. Howdy! I’m Riley, 19, been playing for about 5 years, been dm for 4. Would like to play as a wizard but I’m open to other options.

  20. Hey, I have a spot in my morning weekend games. We have a 9-10am start time est for Sat and Sunday.

  21. How long are your sessions usually, and is it Saturday and Sunday for one game?

  22. Sessions tend to run 3-4 hours unless it's a big Session, which is rare. It's two sessions a week, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

  23. Thanks for the offer, but I could only do sundays /:

  24. I think with the line sketch style shading you’ll loose a good amount if the skeleton, so I would make it more of a smooth transition from light to dark on the tree. And the right arm looks a little thick. Other than that it’s great

  25. They're all way too detailed. A logo is not an illustration or a scene.

  26. Hey! The form says Saturday, not Sunday? But work for me

  27. Howdy! I’m Wirfs, 19, my discord: MakoBoom#1460

  28. Funny coincidence. Old colleague of mine has an indie studio named like that:

  29. I feel it needs a little something else. Give me a day and I’ll DM you

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