1. I just realized, did your buddy bite one in half? Because I think i see something possibly occasionally moving to the right of the lettuce at the topish

  2. Why blur the face? Fuck these people. They deserve to be publicly shamed.

  3. Played together all the time, so he trusted her at least enough. That's some sinister shit. Don't care that she's 7, should definitely have known better.

  4. I love seeing Koko, it brings me such joy to know he is so loved and cared for. I made an extremely difficult decision to put my senior rabbit Thumper to sleep back in January. His arthritis had gotten so bad and even the pain medication wasn't doing it for him anymore. His quality of life just wasn't there anymore. He was snuggly and full of love right up to the end. I miss him every single day. Thank you for being such a good loving parent to that sweet old man.

  5. I remember thumper, and how dedicated you are as an owner. Thumper loves you too ❤️

  6. Thumper couldn't stand sometimes. His poor hind legs would be too weak or hurting him so he would start dragging them even with the medication. So as hard as it was, I had to think about his quality of life and that was such a hard decision to make because I loved him so much. But he was in pain. It never gets easier, you just have to really take a step back and make your own judgement call. Thank you very much for your kind words.

  7. Fucking loser. The man recording was calm and polite too the whole time, this guy is obviously a loose canon.


  9. This is the problem. Everyone wants to avoid the issue and blame it on other things rather than guns. The root issue of gun violence is guns. It's not mental health it's not some other scapegoat that you're trying to pawn it off to. It's guns if you don't have guns you can't kill people with guns it's that simple

  10. Guns don't kill people by themselves. It absolutely has to do with mental health, that isn't a scapegoat. That's reality. There is no good system here for mental health awareness.

  11. The Achievement to get all tinder boxes in Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

  12. And then proceed to somehow not kill an unshielded enemy with a full burst from the ravager. I said it once and I’ll say it again that weapon is ASS!

  13. That's been happening to me too as of late, I am also wondering about how to fix this.

  14. The old days of E3 are long over, they should have prepared to take the digital route individually months ago.

  15. Some people are miserable just to be miserable. I would be waiting for the next fun fact every day.

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