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  1. I think the cut off for SN is 5'5" but there are exceptions for every type. So I do kind of think she might be SN.

  2. Beep Boop! nallaBot here to judge you! Here's your comment activity from last 7 days:

  3. Listen to Lil Durk and his opinion on Morgan. Then rethink your statements.

  4. Was he even tall? We never get a good look at him with Chris(whos 6’2) sooooo

  5. I agree but again since the doping scandal Idek if I can trust those results even

  6. Well at least you can trust her bronze at worlds 2019 under Brian Orser :)

  7. damn bro as a teenager myself I heavily relate, I’ve lost quite a few friends myself to false rumors(not rumours btw) so if you wanna talk we can

  8. He threw his boy Vinny under the bus 🚃 too. The show wasn’t aired until four years after the sting because Hansen needed content.

  9. To be fair Vincent is an actual manipulator, just read his chat logs

  10. Uh no I’m not good, are you THAT stupid?

  11. it is a frozen pastry made of puff pastry with the inside being a fruit jelly, which I think to you is a jam. (just sticky, thickened fruit juice)

  12. It’s also always freezing cold in the middle and nuclear hot on the edges

  13. I’m just saying Bella ain’t a d until DK says she’s d 🤷🏻‍♀️

  14. Well, she’s not a SD until he says she’s a SD either, so…

  15. Think of it, if your sister or brother, mother or father, was wrongly put to death, you’d be against it right? If you say no I’m pretty sure you’re just lying to me.

  16. I don’t think he’s ugly, especially with his DS beard. Y’all are pretty harsh anyway. Subjective 8, Objective 5

  17. You got to love what aboutism where they literally make stuff up. There is absolutely no evidence nor precedent nor history to back up any kind of claim that the Japanese are doping in any way


  19. We love your lack of edges and meaningful movement! You go girl! Give us nothing!

  20. She’s a child. Stop with this idiocy. I’m not a Russian propagandist.

  21. Nah this is the one where a freak event occurs in a small town and everyone passes out for a short duration. When they all regain consciousness, all of the women are pregnant and give birth to the alien children in OPs pictures at the same time on the same evening.

  22. The point isn't to prove something. In fact, if you think that any child is capable of becoming a GM by age 14, then there is a lot left to prove.

  23. Not every kid can be gm at 14. Russia tried this, sure there were some talents, Kasparov and Kramnik and such, but the vast majority of kids were no where near as talented.

  24. How does removing the title possibility affect how much their parents push them? If they won't push the kids for GM titles, they'll still push them for Elo ratings and Junior championship titles and so on. Your solution is purely about hiding the symptom and pretending that with one symptom no longer visible the disease must have gotten better.

  25. It’s not perfect, but I don’t want chess to become child abuse ridden. I don’t want kids who can rise lightning fast and then plateau, I want grown men(and women too but yk) who can put on a beautiful game, whether it’s as crazy as Rapport or as positional as Levon, and who can still be wcc contenders in their 30s.

  26. I sound exactly what I am. A white person trying to order in Spanish. And everyone speaks so fast in Spanish so it's even worse for my dumb brain.

  27. Luckily I was taught by someone who had actually lived in México(really nice white lady too), so in terms of accent I wouldn’t say I’m terrible, it’s more of the fear of messing up and embarrassing myself.

  28. Me with Spanish as my second language. I could write a novel but if you ask me to order food Ill break down

  29. I don’t think I could ever stomach the cast changing.

  30. Jesse was the best casting choice in DBH, with maybe only Kamski giving him competition. I think him being an activist definitely helped.

  31. If you wouldn’t like Connor just because Bryan didn’t play him you don’t actually like Connor, you like cute streamer who makes funny jokes.

  32. There is a racist theory called the "great replacement" which basically purposes that people who are not "good, white Christian folks" are "replacing" them in the US. What the person above us was trying to say, is that these people are part of a group in that movement that are trying to say that "good white Christian folks" need to marry other white Christians, and have as many babies as possible to prevent minority groups from "taking over." It's specifically the emphasis that if a white girl dates a black or brown guy, or visa versa on the gender, then they are contributing to that "great replacement." If you marry a white person as a white person simply cause you love them, that's fine. That's not racist. It's when you start putting the emphasis on "racial purity" that it becomes racist.

  33. Hey as a Christian don’t lump us all together we don’t claim these cultist mofos

  34. I find it quite funny how practically bilingual the US is down south. There is more bilingual signage and audio announcements in Texas than there is in Western Canada. And we're officially a bilingual country (but practically, there are very few french speakers in the west).

  35. Can confirm I live in the Deep South and a bunch of people speak Spanish here, including myself

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