1. Do it now, it reduces the risk something will happen like a crippling injury and then you are stuck being married to him.

  2. I think it needs some Lovecraftian symbols like in a ring around the skull.

  3. That car needs a Jacksonville Jaguars License Plate Frame

  4. That's soviet Era stuff there. Penal battalions.

  5. We're at NTC, post NTC doing Tank Turn-in staying in the glorious Desert Shades. All is fairly quiet, I think we were eating, and the entire Battalion heard one of the Line Company Supply Sergeant's Scream Fuck off n word.

  6. That definitely helps. We're going in November, just in time to catch the tail end of Food and Wine and there is gonna be soooooo much to eat and drink.

  7. Guardians is hands down my favorite ride in all the parks, and I'm a huge Star Wars fan and love Rise to pieces.

  8. Helmets = CvC Didn't wear vests when I was in Uniforms = Nomex is what we called them.

  9. That's clearly a Spanish Army WWI era General Armando Abrams.

  10. Did the actual car really say Thunderbird on the side? That's weird.

  11. From a distance I do see how you saw Thunderbird.

  12. Ha I'll be dammed it does say Taurus Sho.

  13. Except the Hydra isn't the strongest Monster in D&D.

  14. Doesn't Tiamat have 5 heads? OP could've easily gotten confused.

  15. Yea that's what I'm thinking too was OP meant Tiamat.

  16. Steve is a true ally. He never tells anyone about Robin. Not even to convince Nancy there is nothing between them.

  17. More proof that Steve is the best Character.

  18. I agree, Paint it blue, slap a big ol Red Cobra insignia on the Front and you're golden.

  19. Congratulations you found the point of timeline divergence.

  20. Good ol Gun tube punch. Best used after one of your buddies has to get his personal gun tube punched due to STD's. Really helps him forget what he went through.

  21. Man I can't imagine how you would keep a white "tank" clean. It was hard enough keeping the white interior and sand exterior clean. That tangent aside, that's a good looking job.

  22. I heard they were gearing up to request admission the US as a State and not just a territory.

  23. "Ninjas & Superspies" by Palladium is kind of right up that alley. It's pretty heartbreaker-y, though.

  24. I'd just suggest using Hero's Unlimited. That would allow you to mix Powered Individuals with Unpowered Secret Agent types.

  25. You might even say he's something of a "Lone Wolf"

  26. There was a game called Albedo, you were an animal that was Corporate Property, that was basically used as a throw away space explorer.

  27. Your tax dollars at work, instead of trying to whip the protesters into shape.

  28. I don't believe my tax dollars should be used to whip anyone, protestor or not. Especially since protesting is legal, and whipping folks ain't.

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