AITA for siding with my parents when they told my sister and her fiancé to sleep seperately?

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  1. Respectfully pause. No doubt it was a great section of the culling games but the best has to go to Hakari v Kashimo or The whole Sendai Colony ordeal that Yuta was put through. Again respectfully

  2. Hey there my friend, I’m on day 18 myself of quitting daily use of carts and years of over caffeinating myself. The first 7 days of withdrawals were the absolute worst experience of my life. It absolutely gets better though. I myself have some really good days then other days where I just feel off and anxious for no real discernible reason. Hang in there, our brains/bodies are healing and it just takes time! Stay strong, you’ve got this!!

  3. That because he ate Sukana’s finger, he has awakened all the fingers and they are being either being looked for or they are becoming dangerous depending on the location of the fingers and especially if you watch right after this scene, Sukana himself literally tells him the exact thing Megami was trying to hide from him, that’s it’s all his fault and all these weird occurrences are happening because he ate the finger to save Megami. And that countless people will die and Megami believes Yuji will feel awful about it and just fault himself and would rather not tell him.

  4. Yo, if that’s not an error and they purposely advertised it as Klutch well then that’s messed up because if you read the title the Shake is actually from Certified and not Klutch, even tho they have the name and the picture from Klutch

  5. Then they each proceeded to body special grade cursed spirits. Legendary some might say

  6. I found them 30Off at harvest stores till the 4th i got three and im impressed i usually buy live rosin from firelands and ancient roots and bho from klutch or cresco but i really enjoy this stuff is it just bho or is the live rosin?

  7. Im gunna be completely honest, I have no idea but I believe it leans more to Live Resin instead of rosin so I do believe there are some solvents

  8. Buckeye Relief has actually has 100% live resin carts in the 510 thread and the airo pro pods line. I'm currently smacking on some Kings mustache and it is bussin! Also I would check out Cresco, but the down side on that is most dispensary sell them as live resin carts all the way but you have to make sure the packaging says Cresco and not Supply, because supply is their inexpensive brand and normally delivers distillate carts. I would also recommend Superflux but the problem is there always 74 dollars out the door and some strains lack flavor or terpenes. I hope this helps!

  9. YTA: I'm just wondering if your going to keep the same energy when the roles are reversed.

  10. I would be concerned about inhaling paint chips personally, I would try to get a refund or replacement. Contact the dispo first but it wouldn't also hurt to notify firelands about the issue as well so they can change to different carts or some shit

  11. Well I am worried about the cart inhaling it and all but I think what I ended up doing was switching a normal vape tip to my firelands cart

  12. They were still much faster than Bloom- over and hour wait!

  13. I mean Bloom did have a 30% percent sale going on today for a couple of different cultivators, so it's to be expected.

  14. It was last week not during these sale. For prices and wait time Herbology is the best! Especially since they're currently the only ones offering curbs also

  15. I agree with with everything besides prices sometimes, because for a while I would go up to Herbology in Cuyahoga Falls for flower and carts that never appeared in the Canton area. So far this week the prices have been amazing in Bloom. But if you find a great week for Herbology, it is also great prices as well

  16. Well from what I have seen on reddit, there was an incident from the Tony Hawk episode with the audio being subpar and after that episode a lot of people went to his page of business and left one star reviews because of it. And if I'm wrong correct me, but there was a video dropped from him talking shit about the flagrant listeners that has since been deleted.

  17. I'm also very new to the situation so I don't have a lot of info. But the most the comments in the recent threads seem to prove otherwise

  18. I talked to Botanist and they are doing the column filtration (CRC) with Silica media. That's why it's so clear

  19. This whole message that op Is trying to get through I whole heartedly agree. For the last couple of weeks all ive seen is Charlamagne slander and for what reason? He's using his platform to educate people and shine a light on any injustices that may be going on. And also saying "I don't know" or "It's not my place to speak on it" doesn't mean he doesn't wanna talk about the situation, it's just he's not well educated on the topic and I would rather have someone who's educated on the topic at hand rather then someone who doesn't know what there talking about and have them spread misinformation. And also having a censor isn't all bad especially with all the publicity and brand deals he may have going on. Why would someone jeopardize their place in life, only to relive 30 second of the their wild past. It just makes no sense to me. But to everyone's own liking I guess

  20. Depends on you really but are you looking for something more relaxing or something more stimulating?

  21. I'm glad you enjoyed it. This is one of my favorite flower from BR and so fucking smelly that strain is. I love it! Lol

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