1. Apparently it's a pen name, but their real last name (not stated) is very close to turner

  2. If I were called page turner or had any kind of name very reminiscent of some kind of profession or skill then I'd be terrified of being bad at it. Imagine being called for example Clay Stone and pursing a career as a miner or geologist to capitalise on it, and finding you have absolutely no skill whatsoever in that field.

  3. En este caso esta bien. Pinche teocracia pendeja.

  4. Tienes razón, pero creo que sería mejor que no fueran. Así no ganan dinero, y no les quedan ganas de volverlo a hacer en un país así

  5. The one below is probably a female cardinal or a young male, and the other one seems like a female house sparrow. Cute birbs

  6. Sunflower oil is a great source of vitamin A and vitamin D, as well as Iron and Calcium. So even when there’s no sunlight, there is still sunflower oil to provide your daily dose of vitamin D sunshine! Not only that, but Sunflowers are enriched with B group vitamins, as well as vitamin E. This is as well as other minerals such as phosphorus, selenium, magnesium, and copper.

  7. Omg I love it 😍 All they have to do next is tell me to go back to the kitchen and I'm sold

  8. You’d be surprised at how many people on TikTok haven’t heard of Dahmer. Although tbf I imagine a lot of those people will be children.

  9. Did you see the news article going around about people wanting to cancel Katy Perry because of the Dark Horse line where Juicy J sings She eats your heart out like Jeffrey Dahmer?

  10. Caliente means “hot” in Spanish if I’m not mistaken.

  11. 2015: "En Holanda se recaudan unos 5000-7000 millones de € al año solo con la marihuana, con la prostitución cobran un 7% del total de sus ingresos, los cuales rondan todos los años los 7000 millones de €. Sin hablar de los 14000 millones de € que genera el turismo, tanto en hoteles como en restaurantes y demás servicios..."

  12. En todos los países hay prostitución, la diferencia es que ahí sí pagan impuestos y tienen condiciones de trabajo seguras

  13. Update: we’re watching Exorcist 3 in her room now.

  14. I think it's worth learning Mexican to fully appreciate it.

  15. Spanish is a local European variant of Mexican that is the language widely spoken throughout the South American continent, with a local enhanced version called Brazilian.

  16. Te iba a dar el beneficio de la duda, pero ví que eres francés. No puedes ser así de ignorante sobre el español si tu vecino es España.

  17. Ohhhhhhhh, ok. Thank you for helping me to understand! This is definitely one of those things where I feel socially clumsy because I want to say the "right" thing and not accidentally offend. In the past few years I've tried to overcome this by asking questions so that I can know better and, where applicable, do better... but I still feel pretty awkward.

  18. Kids cutting their bodies and taking chemical castration drugs for one?

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