1. I just don‘t understand why the only regular LIFAD song is Pussy. With other Bangers like Haifisch, Bückstabü, Wiener Blut, Waidmanns Heil etc.

  2. Most of my favorite movies are from the 90s

  3. And i won‘t watch it. But i don‘t give a shit about this stupid little sport either

  4. I made a list with this exact topic the other day:

  5. Heat (1995) is the embodiment of a epic action blockbuster

  6. „Clear and Present Danger“ (1994) and Robert Rodriguezes’ El-Mariachi-Trilogy wich consists of „El Mariachi“ (1992), „Desperado“ (1995) and „Once Upon a Time in Mexico“ (2003)

  7. I made a list about my favorite movies to watch in winter

  8. The Hateful Eight is my go-to cozy Christmas film. I love it so much, and in terms of winter nothing captures the feeling more. Especially the scene where Jennifer Jason Leigh plays the guitar

  9. Exactly, i absolutely love this movies atmosphere. Always makes me wanna spend my holidays in a snowy, cozy cabin somwhere in the mountains

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