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  1. Might make a difference in OW2 because his new right click requires more precise aim. But when I first moved to PC, I played controller Winston a decent bit and didn't feel super restricted.

  2. Is it one of those things where people ride and drink? Or more like an alcoholic food truck?

  3. Damn, I was gonna say drink-n-ride if it was the former.

  4. For me it was a bunch of small things that helped. Getting more exercise, getting out of the house more, eating better, meditation, and of course medication/therapy.

  5. 0 appetite. I occasionally get really bad anxiety for a week or two, and when I do I barely eat anything. Like maybe a small bowl of pasta a day. Some days I don't eat at all.

  6. Damn bud. I hope you get the help you need.

  7. Putting people into debt over medical expenses.

  8. Clicked on the video to watch the game. It instantly jumps to the end of the game.

  9. Took your suggestion and picked some of this up and holy shit does it clear you quick, it’s not a comfortable feeling lol

  10. Thank you for the extensive write up and tips!

  11. Exactly my thoughts when I saw my first American football game.

  12. 9 men on each team kick a ball back and forth for 90 minutes. A goal may be scored or it might not. If a player is grazed by an opposing player he will flop on the ground like an overly dramatic toddler. To each their own I guess.

  13. The opening scene of episode 1 is a close up of a young black padawan girl. There's no doubt it my mind that she is Reva.

  14. I had just kissed Mako for the first time like 30s before this.


  16. Stop having people who don't know shit about anything making decisions.

  17. Knew it. I was born with the wrong blood

  18. It doesn’t violate canon. Vader told obi wan “when I LEFT you I was but a learner” not “when I last saw you”, implying when he left obi wan to become a Vader

  19. Thank you for pointing this out. I was initially mad at obi-wan and vader meeting because of this. However, I immediately went to go watch that scene in ANH after watching the episode and was then okay with it.

  20. I've never played fallout (plz don't attack me), but I just looked it up. You're right!

  21. Tribal Champ's chest, Remote Outcast gloves, Artifact Seeker Boots, am I right here? Look great.

  22. I have the full outfit list in a comment of this post.

  23. No it brings attention to the problem, this is the fastest way it will get fixed so don’t delete

  24. Tbh, it doesn't matter that much since 2CP is gettting deleted, but I disagree. Make a bug report to blizzard. Don't post it to reddit.

  25. They probably did both, as well as posting it to the main subreddit, you can doubt it but it really is faster to get fixed

  26. I get what your saying. I wasn't disagreeing that it would be noticed more easily. I was disagreeing that it was a good reason to post it to reddit. I just didn't want it on Reddit because it will cause others to try and do it.

  27. I think that's more of a conspiracy theory

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