[Pelissero] Ben Johnson returning to Detroit

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  1. The Thing (2011) was also practical until post-production, where it was all CGI-ed over.

  2. Such a shame as I thought The Thing (2011) was a solid movie, would’ve been even better with the practical effects.

  3. Our PP can be straight up cheeks sometimes, it’s nice to see us get a good one, bonus that it was Kubalik - he needed that

  4. Jimmy Howard… there’s just, something, about him

  5. All my homies love aggressive forward Seider

  6. How are we SO bad at securing the puck in our own zone?

  7. The day we get a true 1C is the day that we can take playoff contention seriously IMO

  8. That's the kind of shit Copp does that makes it hard for me to praise him for his point totals. Just clueless with the puck sometimes.

  9. He does more harm with his puck management than he does good with the point total.

  10. I didn’t even flinch during that exchange it was so predictable, Copp forgets how to skate with the puck half the time he has it.

  11. I’d watch the fuck out of this version ngl

  12. I’m honestly good with no taunting call there, no denying that was a huge play

  13. Our zone entry strategy is so frustrating, especially on the PP.

  14. All Star Week needs to go for all sports, I’d rather players get the week off so they can spend time with their families and recover from the first half of the season.

  15. I don’t mind biased commentators; this is what happens when you fall to the bottom of the barrel. We have to earn our respect back and going down 5-0 isn’t a great way to go about that.

  16. What an embarrassing fucking goal, check your man wtf.

  17. We just can’t bury chances, been tough for us all season

  18. Thats a total cop-out take imo. There are lots of successful college coaches that do not put their teams through this every year. Wanna know why we go through this every year? Because Harbaugh wants a superbowl more than he wants a natty. He has literally said that multiple times. His first 5 years the rumors were light because NFL really wasnt throwing a ton of interest at him. But the MOMENT he won and got some cache he flirted and then went on an interview on freaking signing day and the only reason he didn't leave then is because Vikings turned him down.

  19. To be fair, I’d take a SB over a Natty too

  20. lol.. 4 weeks ago it was. "I will be enthusiastically coaching Michigan in 2023"

  21. Harbaugh is coming off of the two greatest seasons of his career and the greatest peak for Michigan football in 20 years

  22. Generally I’d agree, but he’s had previous success in the NFL - I think he returns to UM in 2023 because he said he would.

  23. - Sure I know a Skywalker. He's over there, Luke Skywalker!

  24. I hope he leverages his skill to play for the team of his choosing.

  25. How does a tank happen without a concerted effort by players and coaches?

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