1. So really the band wasn't going anywhere with Elly as a member, The Haters have been infinitely more active and successful with Annabelle as frontwoman!

  2. If Pinwheel was a joke, Ceaseless Discharge was a tragedy. The only boss I managed to beat without using magic, dodging the same attack in exactly the same way about ten times in a row, then hacking at its tentacle thingy. It's not quite a Maiden Astraea situation, but pity was the only emotion I had left after winning the fight. This poor creature can't move and witnesses some random undead waltz in and steal the only thing it has left of its mother...

  3. I'm still not sure what to think about Pinwheel. On one hand, I grinded (ground?) so many levels to beat Ornstein and Smough it was never gonna be a tough fight. On the other hand, even knowing its reputation, I expected the boss to be slightly more resilient.

  4. Ooh boy. This one was a toughie. And... still not quite my least favourite bossfight in the series (the Maneater bossfight still takes the cake by far).

  5. It's like 1GB. With nowadays' HDDs there's no reason to ever uninstall it (even more applicable to Arena and Daggerfall)

  6. In the Special Edition version (and therefore Anniversary too), the problem is that the game doesn't let you move until the blackscreen fade in is over (but NPCs can move freely). You can either use a mod to remove this nonsensical "feature" or, if you're on PC, bring up the console command and wait it out.

  7. Same as you, I'm really tempted to get Banner Saga, but I also feel like this would be a neat game to have on Switch Lite, so I'm on the fence.

  8. Nocturnal obviously plays Thief Gold, but only the sixth mission. And she enjoys it.

  9. Magic in DeS is pretty cool, especially in the PS3 version where there's no limit to the amount of spice you can carry. Some usually tough bosses are weak to magic, which is a great help, and with the Fragrant Ring and Crescent weapons, you have essentially unlimited MPs.

  10. This happened already some time ago, but I forgot to upload anything (chronicling my progress through this game is almost pointless, but I hope it can help me get back in the mood when I'll get to drawing the new comics).

  11. What about Shadowkey and Redguard? I remember Hadvar mentioning "Stros M'Kai" after the character creation, which sounds almost identical to the place where you play in the latter. And Neloth mentions an Azra Nightwielder, the same name as an NPC from Shadowkey. Could it be a hint that all universes are linked?

  12. My love for Blades progressively turned into hatred because of the grind and repetitivity. Personally it reminds me of Skyrim more than it feels like it, which is not a good thing because it just makes me want to play Skyrim instead. Its (only?) redeeming quality is that it's free.

  13. So, a bit of explanation there: Magical Girl Lia is a very careful character.

  14. Roughly 1364 kilometers wide if the map is anything to believe. A little smaller than Turkey. Way bigger than the size of cities in the actual game suggest.

  15. Reupload of a comic I posted over a week ago because it landed in Reddit's extremely accurate spam filters.

  16. What’s your point? There’s a sub for Skyrim, this one doesn’t have to be spammed with 1,000,000 posts about Imperials vs Stormcloaks.

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