1. Aww geez mate, be careful saying where it might be, especially if it's stored at a holiday house that people don't live in year round. That thing is beautiful

  2. Just ask the cat nicely and I'm sure it will eventually move out of the way

  3. Your monitor has a cross hair feature that is turned on, you can change it or turn it off by using the buttons on the monitor (the physical buttons, not a setting in windows or display settings)

  4. I've got a skeleton somewhere I painted silver so now it's a Terminator haha

  5. It was just a show about getting ready for school in the morning but holy fuck it was entertaining!!

  6. I was thinking reality needs to update it's graphics card.

  7. Definitely a new door, the inner frame would be fucked on that one

  8. Ok now that was pretty fun I gotta admit... Thought I'd kill a lot more people in my hometown though... Haha

  9. So the PCB will be facing flat right up against the motherboard? Won't that trap heat between the two? Or is this a way to address GPU sag because they slap such massive coolers on them now..? Haha

  10. Holy fuck... That is almost 100x faster than my country's piss ass excuse for internet!!

  11. As a non American that date just made my brain shit itself... How many months we fucken got now!?!?

  12. You've just told us to consider the context of this situation, then shown us how biased you are because you have then immediately applied the same context of previous experiences you have had and assumed it was the same thing here. You see how hypocritical that is right...?

  13. They actually make great tools for shitloads of other things besides Lego... Great clip remover and body aligner/gapper if you work with cars and automotive stuff 😉

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