Dogma (1999) [720p] Full Movie

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  1. This is it, this is how Belgium's golden generation ended

  2. Everyone still thinks it's 2020.

  3. The woke liberals are kind of showing that they love it though. Elon’s tweets are discussed here on a daily basis on the front page. Twitter usage is way up since Elon took over. We’re giving him exactly what he wants

  4. This is only temporary, we're all gathered around to watch a house on fire, once the flames go out, we move on, and all that will be left is a shell.

  5. I mean, in terms of his image, his status as this brilliant mind that can do anything (not an opinion I ever held), yeah he his.

  6. Did anyone else notice this? one dude on Poland's bench covered the apple logo on his mac

  7. Not an official World Cup sponsor.

  8. Vomit on your sweater, mom's spaghetti?

  9. Maybe he could be sent down to that research station at the South Pole to provide 'entertainment' during the dark Antarctic winter for the researchers down there. The scientists could outdo themselves making snarky comments about Cordon's theatrics like Joel, Crow and Tom Servo on MST3K.

  10. A parasitic alien invading an Antarctic research base? Where have I seen that scenario before?

  11. "I built rockets. I made cars. I will solve traffic." So narcissistic, he never refers to the actual people who did the job. I know it's not you engineering cars and digging tunnels Elon, your involvement is very superficial with all projects

  12. Are you kidding? The guy is a 12th level intellect, he'd put Apple and Google out of business no problem.

  13. Does anyone know why next week there's going to be two games played in the same time spot, as opposed to this week when every game had its own time?

  14. So games can't be fixed. If you know the outcome of the other game in your group before you start playing, then you have a major advantage.

  15. Beckham could have scored from here.

  16. England playing the ball back from ten yards outside the box into our own half and then just kicking it away makes me want to slam my head against the wall.

  17. We’re going to show exactly why we deserve to be considered possible World Cup champions

  18. Is a 0-0 draw the best example, though?

  19. I don't imagine that rape is reported there all that much.

  20. Like in politics, when they make some sort of controversial announcement, it's always on Fridays, because it's not as easy to report about it over the weekend, and by Monday, people have forgotten.

  21. He thinks that by thinking "differently" he's thinking better than everyone else. What he doesn't understand is that an original thought, and a good thought aren't synonymous.

  22. Bold of you to assume that the man has ever had an original thought.

  23. I could say that about a lot of things I've attempted in my life.

  24. I'll be honest, it'll take a real long think to get a good answer for that

  25. Draw me like one your French girls? Wtf?

  26. It means 'son of', same as having Anglican names like Johnson, Thompson, etc.

  27. Ok so you’re telling me Salem, MA; Albany, NY; Dallas, TX; Detroit, MI; Sweet Home, AL; and fucking Lebanon are that close together? Really is a small world

  28. Beaverton, Colorado is there too.

  29. I am certainly no Elon dick rider and mostly despise him nowadays, but some of you people seem to think that because he lied about the dying in his arms specifically, does that not mean his newborn child still died just as much as hers did? Is he not right to express grief for it?

  30. So why lie about the circumstances?

  31. Hey guys, just to help provide some context, Qatar is a dessert country, so it's very similar to Arizona

  32. English fans have always dressed like this in international games, it's not like they're driving around Argentina with a H982 FKL registration plate.

  33. Dogma is not available on any streaming platforms, you can't even buy a streaming copy on Amazon. Even the blu-ray release is out of print and can only be bought for a premium on the secondary market.

  34. Iirc the DVD version went out of print in the mid-2000's and hasn't been available since.

  35. Except Einstein. I don't know if anyone was on the verge of discovering relativity.

  36. Special relativity was waiting to be discovered, Lorentz transformations already existed, but it's said that if he didn't think about general relativity, we may not know about it today.

  37. I could see you getting a win off of Morocco, maybe a draw or even better from Croatia, not all is lost.

  38. You could hear a mouse fart in this stadium.

  39. One thing I could say about the Canadian striking, is that they could make some pretty decent contributions to the Moon programme.

  40. Why? Does it just add pizazz to the broadcast? I'm not a meteorologist, but none of our weather reporters in the UK do it - I can understand when it was traffic reporters, or following police chases etc, but for the weather?

  41. Look everyone these people are standing on the graves of slave workers in one of the most oppressive regions in the world showing they arent allowed to speak about it by covering their mouths. How impressive of them, such integrity, it's not like they could've boycotted right?...... right?

  42. Judging by their performance, they are boycotting it.

  43. Except the words that I wrote were a joke. You need to google joke.

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