1. A Model 3 rwd but with a bigger battery and a better soundproofing.

  2. Already installed it and my frame rate with Perfromance Global Illumination became MUCH better and especially the Frametimes. I don't see any difference between the Performance and the Quality mode visually only the great frame rate/time iprovement. Still in Novigrad at the Hierarch Sqaure the GPU utilization drops from 99% to 70-80% and my RTX 3080 12GB drops the frame rate from 67-68 to 45. In other areas the game even reached 90! fps which is great. It could have been much better, but for me it is already a great improvement. I checked the DX11 mode, still can't lower the sharpening filter, but everything maxed out I got 120 fps locked.

  3. Stability and a functional keyboard. You know with the numbers in the upper row.

  4. I’ am at 226 w per miles in the winter SR+ 2022 LFP

  5. I don't understand the reason for getting rid of stalks they aren't in the way. Idk why people want them gone.

  6. Not having stalks is a hazard. You are unable to perform emergency maneuvers like quickly going forward and backward.

  7. It’s seems to only work without widget. :(

  8. That sounds like something done within the Windows session.

  9. Don’t know. You can patch cg bios but not sure about the value.

  10. 13 has a way better camera than 12, but yeah, not enough of a reason for most costumers to buy it.

  11. I disagree. With the possibility to turn off smart HDR I think my 12 pro max got a better image in the end.

  12. It’s a PS4 game why would you want a remake

  13. Run like shit, low resolution and low textures. So clearly a remake can be good or at least a remaster with some tweak and stable 60fps.

  14. I upped from this card, sold 3080 10GB to a close friend. Worked out well, 3080 first card I had over 2Ghz and 4090 first card over 3. 7970 oc 1Ghz was first time I had that high on a GPU.

  15. So happy with my 11gb 2080 ti paid 700€ 2 years and a half.

  16. Probably computer system in the Tesla did not recognize the truck. Other car companies have emergency braking based on sensing of objects, Tesla has emergency braking based on "recognition" of objects. If the truck wasn't "recognized" by the Tesla, then the Tesla won't apply emergency braking. Huge design flaw.

  17. If he was pressing the accelerator and block the brakes with an object the car cannot brake.

  18. Pressure point during the assembly. I have the exact same crack. Tesla didn’t bother to check it. In France they don’t replace windshield at all.

  19. 300 is still too much. 200 or 250 works better but even that is high.

  20. Any Idea about the cost of LFP battery for the M3 ?

  21. 16gb of RAM for 720p. Ahah. This chart is on crack.

  22. If they managed to fix the battle system the game could be a masterpiece. But they need to fix a lot of things, like collision etc …

  23. How can you hide the health bar and medaillon like that. Mod ?

  24. Why did they switch ? Alcantara seems nice.

  25. Heard that before, if you’re like most, you’ll just start complaining about missing Waze features.

  26. If it miss the Ad I’m in. I stop using Waze because of that.

  27. AC broke on my 7 months brand new Y. Took 5 months to get it fixed. Lived through the entire summer with no AC.

  28. Yep that’s the main problem. I need to get a new windshield. I need to wait a month for part. The windshield has a 30 cm crack …

  29. If I can’t use Tweetbot I’m done with twitter

  30. I hated Odyssey on release but Valhalla made me miss it. Crazy how shit Valhalla was.

  31. Lights and carbon are always ugly. This is not a coffee shop.

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