This is Elon Musk

[Happy crab noises]

So buff, wow

He do be dancing though

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  1. I did a bunch of scrolling looking and I couldn't find it. Went back into it and found it right after. Wow I sure do feel like a fuddy-duddy now.

  2. Duke Nukem Forever. 14 years I waited to have my heart broken. I'll never get over that.

  3. Sutter might have to be launched into the sun if the rumours he lost the room are true cause this is painful

  4. I've been worried about this too. Considering how well it worked for us last year when they simply gave in to the system. All it takes is to give in to his systems. But I can't think of how he lost it.

  5. Wil is malding on a whole new level. He's crying about Elon, but isn't stopping his $8/month payment. Yikes.

  6. Penguins fans malding over Malkin tripping someone amd getting caught doing it.

  7. A white nationalist thats also non binary? Probably did it cause he got rejected by everyone there.

  8. "Weve been on the ice for every goal. I dont think thats a good thing" lolol

  9. I've been horrendously sick for the last 8 days. It would be nice if the boys rocked this shit tonight.

  10. Man these games are UGLY. But I'm happy that we got the w.

  11. Don’t know where else to say this, but I got my dog a Calgary Flames collar the other day, and he looks absolutely dashing

  12. I imagine he would. He's in the best colors in the NHL. GFG

  13. This has been next level trolling from Elon. Make these gullible idiots buy his cars, support him, love him. Then buy twitter with the intent on free speech. Then if you want a badge you need to pay. It's beautiful. It's 4d chess.

  14. As a welder I can tell you this fuck stick wouldn’t make it to first break.

  15. Shit he's not even worth keeping around to turn up the welder.

  16. Thats easily my favorite comment when someone says they're going to leave.

  17. As long as the old men aren't democrats. Biden is old as fuck and so is Bernie. They love those two and they're older than Trump is.

  18. They are also white. But you don’t hear anyone saying “I don’t need no old white man telling me what to do!!!111”

  19. Gambling thats only for people in Ontario. On teams that are in Alberta. The fuck?

  20. I don't know how it works, but could you use an Ontario based VPN and bet that way? Or have they figured that out? 🤷

  21. I dont know how it works either, I only downloaded it today at work and haven't gotten to setting it up lol. But ridiculous that you have to do it that way.

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