1. So if the current immortals lost their rein after server merge , members will get a new badge after merge or what will happen?

  2. Good question , need to know as well before transferring

  3. Can anyone mention the game devs names here please?

  4. It had always been in the Appstore, but It only allows you to pre-register (which is only for the game to be auto downloaded when available)

  5. For me its only in play store (android) but not in Apple store yet

  6. Can we please get the final list of supported controllers for the release build?

  7. Wyatt has to see this lol , so many players lost hope

  8. Cool, Thanks alot guys for the helpful reply , appreciate it

  9. You have to do main story quests and artisans quests (green one). When you do all the green one there will be one to go to Sperios, where you can join to union.

  10. Yeah that’s pretty much my issue, i have them all in bag but still quest didn’t unlock

  11. Omg it worked!!!! Tyvm man much respect for the help <3

  12. I completed the hidden master quest and nothing happened after , can u help plz?

  13. Great for pvp n open world, use frost shield for dung's.

  14. Ty bro , what do u suggest to unlock 1st , this or frost shield?

  15. He was just south east of that far west skaa village. He is on a hill that looks like a triangle on map, across the river from giant hand. Hope this helps!

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