1. You can upgrade to the deluxe version from base.

  2. First of all, you cannot upgrade to the deluxe on PS5. Second, am used to playing real MMOs where you don’t have 90% of the current content locked behind 10 different massively outdated paywalls.

  3. You can upgrade to Deluxe on PS5. I don't own one so can't tell you exactly where (also because the upgrade process is slightly different on each platform), but there's a node in-game that should take you to the upgrade screen.

  4. Bro, they are trying to sell me content I’ve already bought on PC, and/or it’s being removed from the game soon.

  5. Hunter has the best mobility with easy to use double jumps and a dodge so it’s probably the safest pick.

  6. I see no elephant but I do see a shadowy man extending his weird-looking hand out

  7. Same, but I thought it was more like a woman with a gown.

  8. All projects will be stored on our server, only current projects that you are working on are on the actual machine.

  9. Depends on your org size and set up. I work for a large company from home with a need to access a local server and multiple servers across NA.

  10. NVMe drives are great, but as a user I’d rather have a high capacity 10GB+ HDD instead of a second NVMe drive to reduce how often I need to utilize remote server storage.

  11. Absolutely - data without interpretation is worthless. Where would you suggest to start to learn the fine details of the data, without getting another degree. I plan on practicing over the next season to hone my skills and get more familiar with the industry before making any decisions of whether this is for me or not.

  12. Spectral analysis can be learned. I’m not an expert on the agro side, but I have taken multiple courses in remote sensing so I can give you a few tips.

  13. Switch to iPhone or get an iPad mini so you can use drone deploy.

  14. Best of the latest Trek shows, but not my favorite of the year.

  15. Peacemaker was elite imo. It was a great combination of action, comedy, and science fiction. Can't wait for S2.

  16. Ok, there were definitely fun shows over the past year, but Peacemaker was worth watching twice. Funny as hell!

  17. Headline is misleading. It’s not a curved display, it’s fucking bent. There is a difference.

  18. Bro, the prices are like 20% higher than the actual menu AND they still charge additional fees.

  19. I've heard they were Russian to recruiters. It's well known that Finland doesn't start wars, they Finnish them.

  20. We need to Sweden the deal and Finnish their NATO approval.

  21. I'm not sure if I'm reading it wrong but I believe its a dispute on "nobody does 3nm", where Apple is one of the most successful hardware retailers in the world and they are in fact selling them.

  22. It’s not Apple doing it. TSMC are the ones with the machines and technology to produce the actual physical chips, not Apple.

  23. Again, it’s not fucking Apple. They are literally buying this shit from someone else. If you had the money and contracts in place, TSMC would build whatever shitty chip you designed.

  24. Don't price them more than a PS5 or Series X.

  25. Don’t make them bigger than one either.

  26. “we recorded the resting EEG of 29 abstinent chronic marijuana abusers and 21 control subjects” is a direct quote from the link.

  27. So you don’t think the researchers were smart enough to differentiate between words like user and abuser?

  28. The US has to have some crazy ass drone tech by now

  29. Bro we can launch a ninja sword missile from a stealth UAV that can cut a car in half; taking out its target with minimal potential for collateral damage.

  30. Nope, it’s sadly been shown that some of our worst traits (assuming docile is good) also make us more likely to reproduce frequently.

  31. I’m actually shocked that we haven’t created dog breeds that are no longer capable of interbreeding with other dogs.

  32. Should have gone with, “it’s Islam, not Iswam!”

  33. Most of that’s because sick people are much more likely to mask up to protect others now.

  34. Only one of these I’m interested in would be of him becoming a prison wife.

  35. I guess you can’t trust Google 100%

  36. No, it’s that most languages, just like English, have words with multiple or implied meanings. Puppet and marionette are both implied meanings of being controlled by another.

  37. Get that girl some laser eyes FFS!

  38. Your 10 core CPU should be pretty good. It’s going to be the most heavily utilized component, but you should make a few other upgrades first as it’s already the top performer in your system.

  39. You’re the one who made an edit responding to the downvotes. You clearly care.

  40. If I cared about karma or whatever other people think I would have deleted it. I don’t give a fuck.

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