How a flat earther is born

*Lowers face into palm*

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  1. The restaurant industry has tricked people into thinking we the consumer should pay the employees rather that the employer paying them a fair wage. Good job to them I guess lol

  2. It would crush me if my child was this dense (I don’t have any children)

  3. Give Katie a break, she noticed that she better after a jog and thinks she’s found the secret to the universe. Just because she’s clearly an idiot doesn’t mean we need to make fun of her

  4. Obviously my daughter even though my heart would still be broken, but your stupid hypothetical doesn’t validate your point. Dogs by nature are better than humans. Period.

  5. To you maybe. So you don’t like dogs, that doesn’t mean others have to magically put humans over them just because you say so. I have a little girl and I have a family dog that is basically a big puppy. They are both my kids.

  6. Holy fuck I would hate the idea of my parent thinking that the family dog was just as valuable as me. That’s the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard in my life. A dog that lives 16 years is = to a human being who will take care of you in 50 years when you’re in adult diapers and shitting yourself over a dog that died 40 years ago. What a joke.

  7. Intimidating but only because she probably thinks I'm too short for her and I'll probably lose out to someone who is her height or taller. That said, shiiiit, I'm down if she is!

  8. Dude hit the lottery by not being shot to death because of cop stupidity.

  9. There’s a political science professor there who’s totally getting fired

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