1. Jesus, thank god you are okay - and I'm sorry to hear about your car.

  2. The c5 corvette does look very advertising since 97 and up models have the Ls engine and those are very easy to work on, has lot of aftermarket support and parts are stupid interchangeable. I’m not really biased to a v8 towards vs v6 but you mentioning the timing chain problem in the 2010 base Camaro makes me want to get a v8 just because but I am thinking about a lot of reliability issues down the road seeing as this 12 mustang I got starting having problems a little bit less than a month after getting it from the dealership earlier this year. So If I do get a Camaro I guess it needs to be a v8 because I guess things will be cheaper in the long run. While both are coupes the extra space in the back of the Camaro does look advertising if 2 more people would need a ride or if I need to pull some luggage with me but I’m really stuck between the two

  3. He knows he swapped those numbers, he knew it was 1216 one after magna carta.

  4. What’s the one below Travis Scott Album to the gt called with the black and white face

  5. Granted! The finger curls. The demons will know all about you, while they use that knowledge to torture you for all eternity.

  6. But I must carry on. Nothing worse, can befall. All my tears. All my fears. Tell my heart, there’s a hole.

  7. For years I owned a C3, 454, coupe, 4spd. I drove it all the time. You jst have to get used to all that torque.

  8. If I was to get one what type of insurance should I attempt running on it if I wanted to drive it everyday?

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