1. Just wait. It's all broken for a week or so while they're still setting up your account. It's confusing because they don't tell you this but it takes awhile before it works.

  2. I have worked for McDonald’s for about 3 years now. I haven’t touched a big mac, denali or even fish filet. They all nasty imo. The filet would taste better if it had home made tatar

  3. Filet is nice without sauce. It's literally just crispy fish

  4. My franchise lets you get anything. And so we should, seeing as they made nearly double in 2021 compared to the year prior (£53 million, from £35 million in 2020), with a profit of £3 million! If you know the name of your franchise, it’s at the bottom of the receipt, type it into

  5. £3 million in profit is less than I was expecting honestly

  6. having a time limit to stay in a store is a bit draconian lol

  7. Decided to repost this here since the Crowbeats & Blizzard producer clash is kicking off a bit. Some decent dubs in there

  8. When will the final of war-ish 2 happen ?

  9. Not sure honestly, there might be info about it on their

  10. Dude, before all them - COD, COD: United Offensive, COD 2 - all had bloody great campaigns. Set in WW2 before the theme became saturated in the market. Pushing frontlines in the snow, defending houses from nazi's, infiltrating bases. Man what a blast they were!

  11. I played them all and they were great but imo CoD4 had the most memorable campaign for me.

  12. It’s pretty offensive when the options are “particular lifestyle” or “stiff cock.”

  13. Yeah this is hip-hop not grime. Low-key is fire though

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