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  1. Licking her chops too if you look closely..

  2. Like it or not - The level of commitment is well beyond what most humans can comprehend.

  3. Anyone have any tips on how to make their casein shakes thicker? I wanna try making it more of a “pudding” consistency - any ingredients I can add like xanthan gum etc ?

  4. I use Dymatize Elite Casein for this exact reason. Gets super thick with a little water.

  5. I've had a couple BMBs. I could have driven myself home each time. I had a ride, but they didn't follow me out of I didn't.

  6. So I’m I’ve been pining 800mg test E M/T at 400mg/ml. I already knew to expect some bad pip but this is next level. I’ve been alternating between both glutes and quads. Each time I pin where do I pin it is extremely painful to even walk or work. That’s not the concerning part its that my last two pins in each glute has left some painful, seemingly swollen knots that are extremely sensitive and painful to the touch and sitting. Is any of his normal or do I have to go get this checked?

  7. Mitch is bad, and the play calling is worse..

  8. Wawas quality has gone to hell in a hand basket- die hard Wawa guy for 25+ years

  9. Pretty much, decent taste, but lacks as you've discovered.

  10. He's a big sum bitch - that's for sure

  11. Rub one last one out for Her Majesty, the warmest of all puddings, RIP.

  12. 3 days for beans? That's commitment

  13. Simple answer - Yes to increasing your blood pressure. It will raise you RBC, and hematocrit. Both can be managed, but do require consistency with injection schedule and blood monitoring

  14. Ensure is disgusting - way too sweet.

  15. Terrible draft pick- I've hated it since day 1.

  16. I have had a couple of BMBs done- I have HCL. Anyway, they did my 1st one when they were trying to figure out what was wrong with me before my initial diagnosis. I was in a bad place and they did that while I barley knew what was going on. Since then I have had 2 more BMBs to ensure the chemo wiped out the HCL.

  17. Anybody else's gym filled with pre-diabetic biker looking dudes sporting ripped jeans, work boots, bad tats and huge guts who monopolize the benches and EZ curl bars and nothing else? Some of these guys will literally do their workout with a 2L of Mountain Dew. I love my gym but Jesus...

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