1. I work 8 and commute 2-3 hours a day. All you other drivers can suck me.

  2. Okay, what's the name of the erotic visual novel OP

  3. Saw the phoenix lights happen in person as a kid.

  4. I wore my tivas for 5 years(until the sole disconnected from the straps) all year round(even in the snow), so I didn't ruin my nice sneakers. Only wore those sneakers for gym class so we wouldn't have to buy more.

  5. Funny you said that but I realized the other day I have had the same fucking shirts for over 10 - 15 years. My sneaker is over 10 years at this point and has been with me all over the place. Literally ordered a bunch of clothes just then. Older now so I can afford it but still haven’t rid of that mentality.

  6. For me, heat tolerance. I grew up in a hot place with no air conditioning. Man, I was a beast when I joined the military. Everyone else was struggling in the heat and humidity, I had 18 years of experience. LOL Gotta laugh about it. That's how I deal.

  7. Yeah I can't stand the hot or humidity. Don't mind it but not preferred.

  8. I never really had too much to begin with but wanted to give myself to a bigger cause. Materialism just wasn’t my thing. All that stuff can be taken from you anyways and money is a means to ends.

  9. I'd carry hotdog buns and just toss them as a distraction then run away

  10. Depends, are we talking the body of a duck is as big as a horse, or the duck is as tall as a horse? They have very different dimensions.

  11. Near-equal mass like if you expanded a mini cupcake to a regular sized cupcake.

  12. Maybe you’re just being super sneaky about overthrowing the government and that’s why we don’t see you.

  13. But some of us, like me, still are clueless about, what these groups even are or represent. And that's mostly because youtube is incomprehensible these days.

  14. Oath Keepers advertise themselves as "keepers" of the enlistment oath or oath of service but they've basically targeted the US government because of some twisted and subjective meaning of enemies foreign or domestic.

  15. Ok, i am really going to try it 🔜 , lets see how it taste after that.

  16. Get together with a gaming community, join a gym, and enjoy your freedom a bit. It doesn’t have to be as gloomy as some make it to be. People can be annoying as fuck. If you can’t stand being alone with yourself, maybe it’s something to look into.

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