1. oh y'know, just made the mistake of thinking another trans person might be able to provide some safe and desperately needed intimacy. physically safe now tho lol

  2. there's two control menus, you can change your directional inputs in the in the 'KEYBOARD SETTINGS' menu, but not the 'CONTROLLER SETTINGS' menu.

  3. Just checked and yeaaaaaah I'm a dummy. Thanks for screwing my head back onto its neck.

  4. we've all been there. have a good adventure through the madness that is +r

  5. m ty twitter account got deleted so i cant verbally abuse people anymore and have my followers hype me up my im so fucked up right now 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  6. this is fantastic and very cute, you should feel proud of it!

  7. sick clip. how did your 6p insta stun him? is it because of the move he did? i don't exactly know how it works

  8. so may's 6P deals 3x the normal amount of stun, but that increases up to 4.25x if you fully charge it up. sol also got counter hit which makes you take 2x stun. sol is also in the mediocre stun resist tier, so potemkin for example would never get stunned here even if he did get counter hit.

  9. this is extremely cute, props to you .

  10. I've died to this also. it has also happened to me in a different building.

  11. I've played about a hundred matches, and this has happened to me twice. it seems like it happens when I elbow drop at a very specific angle as they climb up a wall- I land on them while moving towards the building with the elbow drop, and get shoved inside.

  12. I'm having some trouble with the class system. I'm in chapter 4 and I'm going through classes too quickly, to the point where I don't don't have any tank classes to use that aren't C or D rank for the character they're on. am I just supposed to level up classes that are bad for the character? or should I just put people who have already maxed out some tanks back on them? the game tells me it's bad to stay on rank 10 classes, and also that it's bad to use classes with low scores like that, so I'm just generally confused about what it wants from me.

  13. it makes me imagine solving puzzles in a haunted castle, and feels less related to don't starve. I do very much like how it sounds though

  14. not an answer to your question but since people are talking about difficulty I wanna bring this up.

  15. once the hivemind has decided to downvote you once you are eternally stained by it

  16. I found it to be an enjoyable video that made me happy

  17. She still does May damage. May players doom because her consistency will almost assuredly go down.

  18. I believe that with enough practice the increase in conversions I get from 5P and 5K counterhits along with the new vertical dolphin combos will lead to this version of may being more consistent.

  19. This is disgusting. What kind of sick fuck would play May with English audio?

  20. I can't listen to goldlewis telling me to eat shit if my audio is japanese. that's where my priorities are

  21. celestial, you can see this person a few names down on my rating update match history

  22. there is no freedom, there is no escape, and yet you believe that having the third highest health in the game can save you? you will learn. (may is a joke character, pls season 2 you can take my damage but make may a little less linear I beg you.)

  23. make may's overhead kiss command throw send people high enough to combo into whale super while midscreen, because it would be hilarious to alley-oop someone into the loving caress of a big whale

  24. here you can see what happens when a wild DBFZ player is forcefully moved to an environment not suited to them. truly tragic

  25. is it possible to learn this game just by playing it? I'm brand new to yugioh (except for like 2 hours of duel links play) and it seems impossible to figure out what my opponent is doing most of the time. if I need to research outside the game that's fine but I usually prefer to learn just by playing.

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