1. It really has been all down hill for this country once they did away with all day breakfast

  2. McDonald's went down hill when the pandemic hit, they reduced their menu, got rid of all day breakfast, and most of the ones around me aren't even open 24 hours anymore.

  3. Wait that’s what this is? We had one one of these and I thought it was standard cable…

  4. I remember our household getting one of these in the 90s, and it was only required for the premium channels like HBO etc. The ones that were scrambled. The channels

  5. DK mode, License To Kill, Automatics, In The Complex.

  6. Oddjob banned (obviously). His low height made him too hard to shoot, he was OP.

  7. They're hard to find, but there are still some of them out there. I saw a one a few years ago at a casino.

  8. I miss the old yellow color scheme they had on the packaging, I googled it to look for a picture, and it brought me back to

  9. do i need to update my pc for y2k?

  10. Yeah, unless you're an eMachines user. Because as we all know those are

  11. Man, between these and o'boises, Keebler was on point with their salty snacks

  12. Do you use the modern Razr to snap it shut to end calls also?

  13. Yeah, the new Razr does the same thing by default. Open to answer calls, and close it to end calls.

  14. No I've never used one, I was just curious about it so I read some reviews. There's lots of videos on YouTube like

  15. Demo disks were awesome! I don't remember this specific one but I had a bunch of them that came with magazines like Playstation Underground. Some of those demos (like the one for "Matt Hoffman's Pro BMX") I played wayyy more than games I actually owned.

  16. Just getting the photos developed is probably pretty expensive now. Gone are the days when you would drop your 35mm film roll off at one of those 1-hour places. They even had them at Wal-Mart.

  17. A Night at the Roxbury vibes. Some of that old school Eurodance is so good

  18. I remember Mountain Dew was one of the first to switch over to the wide-mouth style. It was a selling feature, they advertised it on the can. Then later every other canned beverage followed suit.

  19. Top 100 is pretty respectable, I've never even seen that before! Best I ever had was being in the top 5%.

  20. I remember reading one of those "true" hollywood stories, or maybe it was a VH1 episode? Where they said that Chevy Chase was a real asshat to work with on set.

  21. That was a tough one to watch. They were trying to spread the message about global warming. And maybe something about acid rain, that used to be a big concern in the early 90s.

  22. I remember this came out near the very end of the N64's lifecycle. It had Goldeneye vibes but added extra stuff like the drones, I guess because it was also made by Rare. But this game actually came out after the PS2 was released.

  23. Those velour tracksuits from Juicy Couture were the style at the time.

  24. I always wanted a Sony WatchMan. The whole idea of having something that could fit into my pocket to watch live TV seemed cool. They don't work anymore now though since the switch to digital ATSC broadcasts. Nowadays I can just stream live TV from my phone, but back then it was a chore, adjusting the antenna position into the right place to reduce the "snow".

  25. They still work, there's just nothing to receive.

  26. Ah OK, I can see that. I remember when the old analog broadcasts were still going, and even if it was a really weak signal, you could still pick up some of it. The picture quality might have been really bad, and the audio may or may not have sounded good, but moving the rabbit ears around could help. But when the transition to digital happened, the signal was either on or off, there was no middle-ground. You either get a high-quality 1080p feed or nothing at all.

  27. I just remember that all the gum that was sold in these kinds of novelty packagings (fake pagers, fake cell phones, etc) tasted good for about 5 minutes, then the flavor was gone. The sugar-free gum like Trident lasted a lot longer.

  28. I think I had a cleaning kit just like this, but I didn't use it very much. Pulling the cartridge out and blowing air into it seemed to work most of the time.

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