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  1. Well said op hats off btw in gore log ko tumhara username chakhvana padega may be in cigarettes lol. That's a good username man reminded me of good old times.

  2. Honestly i don't even know what Kratom is but i would like to know about this shit

  3. Plant that has opioid like effects, some people consider it an opioid despite it not actually being one

  4. Where do we get this shit ? Is that legal ?

  5. Is this the shit they call VORE ? or just some trend ?

  6. U lucky man i can never score this much at a time

  7. I don’t want to sound like a bragging entitled prick but this considered light weight for me 🤝

  8. this is why I don't date anymore. preparing for a night out is like preparing to go to a war...rehne hi do

  9. Damn nygga u really doing what the caption says

  10. I haven't thought about this band since I was 12 and suddenly everything makes sense

  11. When an untalented band became popular in the '90s, we all knew what Limp Bizkit meant.

  12. Now with this reference their all songs seem nasty now

  13. The Zmag (Slavic dragons) tend to be protectors of villages, livestock, crops, and work with vales (Slavic equivalent of Cernunnos). These dragons also like to bring water to feralize the land and bring water to prevent people suffering from famine. The Zmaj also do all they can to help the poor. They're noble, kind creatures to the people they protect. They're definitely primal in the sense of their origin. But personality and demeanor wise, they are very orderly and not chaotic at all. So not all dragons are of chaos. Mater of fact when you look into lore, the chaotic ones tend to avoid people when they can.

  14. Some dragons are of the primordial chaos. Tiamat, Apsu, and Leviathan AKA Semetic dragons come to mind in this. But there's more to dragons than that. Marduk is often times detected as both human like, but also described as a dragon. Marduk is a storm God and is a God of justice and order as well. And dragons being shapeshifters is also extremely common.

  15. I have never seen Marduk as a dragon but he can be dragon of thunder may be i am wrong but shapeshifting ability i never considered

  16. Salve Senor La Muerte where can i get the whole set ?

  17. Not this shit again still remember LOCKDOWN memories

  18. Didn't know it either. Had to look it up:

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