1. Yo why their clothes/fur have exact color as the Griffin family?

  2. It's almost like Posada is a traumatized individual whose mental state can make or break the nation as a whole and she would be better off talking to a therapist. In the end it's only because of her friends she narrowly avoids doing bad shit and that's something alot of people miss for "le based holesum nukefeesh"...nevermind nukes are actually bad when you do use them.

  3. On other hand, if you choose the socialist path, which makes the Socialist wins the election, Kemerskai still Loyal to the republic and proved to be a “true believer of decomacy”

  4. Based, but again, The Fking stripes in that Flag LMAO

  5. that ship start to becoming annoying after 5th runs

  6. Ahh yes, nothing better than turn a harmless Virgin vs Chad meme into a propaganda machine

  7. Finally a Chad vs Vir done right

  8. Posada in Razorbeak victory Path, try to run to Skyvania but accidentally go to Griffon Empire

  9. Because she’s living under her rule

  10. hotline miami fans when they see a child with a weapon (based hotline miami weapon????)!

  11. That actually a toy gun, the real gun would destroy all the camera

  12. You can try the boring but save way: build fort and wait for them to declare war first. only take that focus if you confident enough

  13. Hey look, a child’s father dies. send coin

  14. still, remember the time I got both Black market and Evil muncher in one run. I have to give all of my good guns and instantly unlock that gun

  15. Professional have standards. Next time just give the child poison and said to everyone that he choke on Chorizo

  16. you use augmented lanius to board enemy ships and eat them from the inside

  17. Living battery? That’s too bad because a beam just blast though and hurt all your augmented

  18. That guy is Electroboom, a professional Electrician but staged this for comedy. All "accidents" you see in this video are actually calculated

  19. Fine, i will S M A S H a diamond dogs instead

  20. More context please since I have never really looked into her so I don’t know anything about her.


  22. An unique general trait that only her had it, i’m sure that can’t be imply something right?

  23. I mean, does he want to? he is the Lich now, not Human anymore, not the

  24. Vụ gì đấy bồ cho t hóng với

  25. Gửi nó chứ sao gửi tao. Cái thg ngáo lồn này

  26. Tao gửi nó mà thằng lồn, xem thứ tự đi

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