1. Yes, cloudy doesn’t matter at all btw. Are you sure they aren’t auto’s?

  2. Right now they are in some nutrient deficiency, could it be stress?

  3. Thanks bro I’ll try to reveg once I fix that nutrient deficiency

  4. Nope, they are 1 month old, the soil composition is 60% peat moss 20% humus 20% perlite. And I’ve been giving them only tap water at 6.5ph and 380 ppm

  5. Ok bro appreciate I’m going organic, any tip on food?

  6. They look great but I think they’ve started flowering

  7. Just a regular spider. Be gentle with it, it could help eating pest

  8. Nice work dude! I would like to train like this. Wanna show us the timelapse of that plant

  9. Nothing wrong whit the color, but the size it’s something to look for, it’s really small for 10 days

  10. She’ll be fine, had half a leaf break off when it fell over, and its still chuggin. But why do you have cockroaches in ya crib?

  11. Don't see anything specific. Twisted leaves can be a sign of high ppm uptake or a mutation. Probably genetic mutation if you aren't feeding much Nothing to worry about

  12. I’ve been feeding them just tap water at 6.5 ph and 350 ppm, I was thinking underwater.

  13. You may have a problem whit your soil looks to chunky

  14. First pic is at full sunlight the other pics at night

  15. please have a good time, if you eat those know what comes with it, its a lot of joy but can be confusing as in new states of mind. dont get lost but have a good time

  16. Appreciate dude. That’s why I love this community we are all throwing love. This is actually my second trip, first one back in december and was great so I’ll make this trip worthy

  17. I'm guessing freshly picked and dried. Id get rid of the sediment and enjoy!

  18. What is the sediment? Thanks bro for sure I’ll enjoy

  19. No sunlight for Seeds to germinate. I fold In wet paper towel and put in zip lock or tuppie until seed cracks and sends out a shooter, the. I put in soil and spray and keep it Covered until it sprouts. Then I move it into ligbt

  20. I’ve done this method but tbh I suck at putting the crack seed into the soil, I don’t know if I don’t bury it deep enough cause when the plant sprouts of the soil it is still traped inside the shell and the light kill the seedling, so thats why I bought this peat moss kit. Personally I do prefer the paper towel method it’s 99% efficiently.

  21. Looks like whitefly, I’m dealing whit the same issue on my garden, I’ve been using soap and alcohol solution it helps momentarily but they always come back. I’ll watch your post hoping somebody tip eorks

  22. Any tip would help. Some nursery ofer me poison but it will affect other insects like bees too so That will not be an option. Any tip will help please

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