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  1. I just saw this too, reddit can go fuck itself if they think I want out of app notifications. Even if you turn them on they’ll ask for emails to be on

  2. It’s probably just a bug

  3. Its good defensively for late game subs but none of them are really plug and play or clutch pinch hitters either. But we have the DH now so who cares?

  4. People are clutch pinch hitters until they aren’t, and people aren’t clutch pinch hitters until they are. It’s by far the most volatile role in baseball.

  5. Never understand why people care about the money when we have an owner who wants to be the new Steinbrenner. Let the man spend

  6. Because they’re a still a cap that the team is willing to spend. It’s not like he’s just going to spend infinite money. If we don’t use that money wisely then it’s lost value.

  7. Yeah I don't get it either. This sub gets upset that Eflin gets $11,000,000 a season for the first 2 years, then $18,000,000. Then thinks we did alright when we sign a similar piece for the rotation for longer and more money.

  8. Eflin hasn’t been able to be a starter for 2 seasons for the same injury and it’s likely something degenerative at this point.

  9. His splits before and after the trade are night and day.

  10. Our 4th outfielder is absolutely not weak what are you talking about? Vierling is perfectly fine, and when Harper can play outfield again we’ll have Schwarber and Nick rotating.

  11. We're one injury away from Vierling playing everyday.

  12. Yes you can? Literally every team has a backup caliber player as their 4th outfielder and Vierling is absolutely a backup caliber outfielder.

  13. He's 30 years old and wants a contract through age 40. EVERY power hitter that comes here has their power diminished by Petco. Tatís is most likely being moved to one of the OF corners given the rumors.

  14. Just curious what power hitters recently had their power sapped in Petco?

  15. You missed the point I was making. Do you care if you don't win it? If the answer is yes you're a huge loser, if the answer is no then you don't realize this because you can't read well, but would agree with each other

  16. Your own last comment says I shouldn’t play scrambles if I “care” about winning, which is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.

  17. Yes, you shouldn't play scrambles if you care about winning. Try all you want. Try your very hardest. I try to win every hockey game I play. But I'm 37 years old and work full time, do you think I give a shit if my trying comes up short? Do you that winning is so fun that I would cheat? Lol you still don't get the difference between trying your hardest and caring about the result. I play a lot of competitive sports as an adult and you guys that can't separate those two are the worst

  18. Ok wow you’re 37, you’re the only person that’s grown up ever! Idiot, people like to try to win things and they care about winning. It doesn’t make you a lesser person. You have some growing up to do.

  19. It won’t be ugly if the deal is structured to be front-heavy. This is same shit people were giving the Harper contract and it’s team-friendly.

  20. I hope we can keep Bradberry but I doubt it. I don't think Hargrave is necessary with Davis around, unless the staff has cooled on Milton Williams

  21. I think having 2 starting corners on the wrong side of 30 is a recipe for disaster. As good as they’ve been, we can’t commit long-term to both.

  22. I have to imagine it’ll be frontloaded

  23. No shoehorn required. Lamar is a passer. Not the best in the league, not the most consistently precise from game to game, but he is top 20 passing skill with zero receiver talent and brain dead passing schemes. Lamar could absolutely be a top 10 passer with the right talent around him.

  24. Tuning into red zone and constantly watching Lamar missing even the most slightly difficult passes by a considerable margin makes me question this take. His mobility allows for some unique throws and also gives his receivers time to get open, but I’m going to give a hard disagree to top 10 “passing” talent.

  25. the red zone analysis is crazy lol imagine forming a legitimate critique based on what you saw from red zone. y’all are hilarious. watch some actual games

  26. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to watch all 16 games a week and then go watch the all-22 like you, so I watch what I can because I love to watch. Watching 15% of a players throws on a weekly basis is enough to get a consensus on a player, coupled with stats and analysis provided by experts and data analytics sites.

  27. I’m not arguing whether it was a good idea at the time or not, I’m saying given the return we’ve gotten so far it is not a good trade, a waste of a fourth rounder so far.

  28. Yeah and I think it’s kind of pointless to talk about trades just a few games into the deal. Takes a few games to settle in, and the point of Quinn was for the playoffs and depth.

  29. Yet here we are. But that’s the point of the thread and why it is specified as “so far”. Either way I don’t think many of us expected such underwhelming (not so) early returns from him.

  30. I think a lot of people expected him to pace to 18 sacks again, but he’s only playing about 20% of defensive snaps and still generating pressures and QB hits. Seriously, he has played about 1.5 games worth of starter snaps and he has 1 TFL and 3 QB hits. That’s fine.

  31. They got a 24% wage increase over a 5 year period, which is significantly over the normal inflation rate. They also got better medical reimbursement from what I understand, and they already have 20 days of PTO, which is pretty standard.

  32. Six games back is a ton when you are trying to catch the very best teams. Making up 6 games on the Bucks is a lot different from trying to catch Utah/Minnesota level teams.

  33. There are 59 games left my man. And the 76ers are only 4 back from 2nd place as an FYI. To say it’s a “ton” is just not accurate. If there were 20 games left? Absolutely. However, just head to head matchups alone make this nearly even so early in the season.

  34. Considering the injuries on the team there aren't many other scoring options. But if you watch him he is gassed 6 min into games. He doesn't even attempt to run back on defense several times a game. He is slower getting up all the times he hits the floor.

  35. Not sure if you just started watching Embiid but he looks gassed literally seconds into every game and has always been slow in transition. This has been a thing for years. He’s still an immensely positive asset on defense.

  36. Noah was fine. There’s lots of talk about his velocity improving now that he has a healthy offseason to actually stretch out.

  37. Yes, I’m saying we bring him back

  38. Hmmm Welker. No longer a Rockie. Been traded away

  39. He was actually released, didn’t play in the majors at all in 2022.

  40. Which industry is that… NFT’s or Crypto? Every industry other than tech is either consolidated or consolidating…

  41. Every industry is downsizing back to pre-pandemic levels because revenue has normalized. I am absolutely the last person that cares about NFTs or crypto.

  42. You’ve provided numerous sources unrelated to what is actually occurring with mass layoffs and extrapolating that opinion to those companies, then demanding i argue with you on something completely separate. So no, I’m not going to indulge you on what is already well reported in the industry as reasons behind layoffs (while job growth is still increasing nationally.

  43. Al Michaels drunkenly stumbling through dreadful matchups ain't it.

  44. Well, it is without a doubt a huge pull whether the games are good or not.

  45. I... I mean again this is a tech support issue

  46. Nah this guy is right. I normally think most apple hate on here is stupid, but it’s not as simple as creating an account. To get into Apple TV you literally have to also download iTunes or something similar that ISNT Apple TV. It’s a moronic, backwards process to force you into the rest of the ecosystem.

  47. The Eagles weren’t even predicted by most to be a playoff team and now they’re constantly considered the #1 or #2 team in football.

  48. Yes, because the NFC East was awful. There were plenty of people that predicted the eagles be a wildcard team or miss the playoffs. Most people didn’t expect this significant improvement from Hurts.

  49. I didn't claim a mass racial conspiracy. I claimed inconsistent standards. If you're too lazy to google "Saira Rao tweets" then that's on you.

  50. I find screenshots to be constantly photoshopped. If it’s so prevalent, you can link me to a tweet that wasn’t deleted.

  51. This woman is the one who comes to mind immediately. She protects her tweets

  52. Thanks for sending me tweets of someone I can’t read. Forgive me but this isn’t “evidence” of some mass racial conspiracy because this is laughably untrue and just aligned with your own twisted ideology.

  53. Damn, people that hate sports truly have some weird, awful opinions about sports.

  54. I'm mid 30s and have played video games since I was 3 and sure I've gotten mad but not once have I gone into a rabid fit of rage and destroyed a television or gaming system

  55. I’ve watched sports and played video games since I was 3 and not once did I destroy a television in a fit of a rage.

  56. Joe's gonna break the AAV for everyone, partly because of his success, and partly playing for a team that can't afford to guarantee much of the deal. They're gonna have to compensate with roster guarantees and 55 AAV.

  57. How can’t they afford?

  58. You have to put the entire guarantee amount in escrow the day the contract is signed, and Mike Brown doesn't have 250m bucks sitting around.

  59. I don’t think he’s the only owner that applies to. He’ll take out a loan or make the incentives obnoxiously easy because Burrow can unquestionably demand a nearly fully-guaranteed deal.

  60. Absolutely not. Hurts is an obvious MVP candidate this year but everyone has seen this time and time again. If a QB can’t elevate his game in the playoffs, then it doesn’t matter at all. Jalen has had 1 game against a ridiculous defense, so he 100% gets a pass, but this years performance will be a big indicator of what we have.

  61. I would move Schwarber down

  62. Haha thanks buddy. Been here long enough to have that stupid conversation many times and not long enough to not care and not feed the trolls.

  63. You absolutely care, look at these responses.

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