1. Ackshually Hornet is a spider, and spiders are arachnids, not bugs (snorts) 🤓

  2. Ackshually ackshually, spiders are bugs, they're just not insects.

  3. Probably, but I doubt the Knight's moveset will fit in Pharloom, at least its jump needs to be higher. Modders might even add Hornet in Hollow Knight (if Team Cherry doesn't), I even think someone already did, but after Silksong releases, we might get Hornet's full moveset.

  4. Well I think Silksong will get released on March 18th because Graig once sent a few "random" numbers, and one of them was 67, 67 days after the message was sent (10/1) is March 18th. Not only that, but that day is also the national quilting day (related to Hornet's needle), the companies that care day (Aka Team Cherry), and as a bonus, the forgive mom and dad day (probably related to Hornet's backstory and lore). Not enough? Graig's message had some more numbers, 4332, 303, and 23. 4332 - (303+303+303+32) = 3400, and when was quilting first dated to? 3400 BC. Also, the first time national quilting day was celebrated on was 1989, and using 455, 665, 33, 303, 67, and 11 from the message, we can get that 303+455+665+455+33+67+11 = 1989. Oh and March 18th is the last day in the universal women's week, and March is the national women's history month, I guess these apply to Hornet.

  5. Turns out Steam games can't get released on Saturdays (which March 18th is on) and Sundays, so maybe March 17th is actually the release date.

  6. Yeah, ghost clearly shows that it has a mind to think and isnt hollow at all because It helps others around it, if a vessel truly was hollow they would most likely wouldn't even move at all, after some time ghost will most likely end like the hollow knight again and the infection will start to spread again and this time everyone will be fucked because either Hornet was sealed inside and there is no way to kill the dreamer or the black egg is just without any seals which would make it very easy for the new hollow knight to break free which would fuck things up tenfold

  7. The only Vessel we know for sure is 100% hollow is the Pure Vessel, the boss, but it still moves, attacks, and even defends itself, so the Knight still could be hollow(, which it is, the Radiance says it in Myla's dreamnail dialogue).

  8. I found a white moth but I don't even have a nail to fight it. What am I supposed to do now?

  9. You forgot the part where she injures herself and lets the Void go through her to become more powerful.

  10. The trailers showed way more of the game honestly.

  11. I remember this review, it changed on the day before the Nintendo Direct (iirc).

  12. I mean... Monomon is right there...

  13. Well, Elderbug taught us more than Monomon, probably because one of them isn't in a coma.

  14. Make sure you have fall damage too.

  15. Well, since as far as we know, Crests represent factions/types of bugs, then maybe there could be a Wyrm Crest, it could affect the movement like the Shape of Unn charm, and let Hornet crawl. This could be a Crest that has less space for combat tools, but has space for everything else

  16. When there's a big event, I look multiple times a day. Other than that, I check the subreddit every couple of days.

  17. Fun fact: on imdb's website, if you go to the parent's guide section of Hollow Knight: Silk Song (they named it that way, truly a crime), it says in the "Frightening & Intense Scenes" section: "In Hollow Knight Silksong, a character named Mossbag (Yeah they capitalized the m, an actual war crime) is seen being sacrificed by cultists from the first game, Hollow Knight.", I personally want to know who wrote this.

  18. As of now, at 47 votes, there's 15 votes for "No", 16 for "Yes", and 16 for the Silksong fan emoji.

  19. Hornet intentionally becomes Void to be stronger.

  20. Hornet is [insert Pharloom's ruler's name here].

  21. That's the reason why Cherry Bomb is better than Primal Potato Mine.

  22. Yes, it's on the 23rd, and the Hollow Knight anniversary is on the 24th, we have to get news! Both Nintendo and Xbox promoted Silksong, now it's time for Playstation.

  23. Even better! It's like the State of Play was made for Silksong.

  24. My bad, typo. I am not team cherry, though I wish so I could play silksong

  25. Hmm... you're not Team Cherry, Old Gregg huh?

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