1. By "block" the peace deal, he means "gave Ukraine the ability to defend themselves, so they no longer had to consider an ignominious surrender"?

  2. It's a slippery slope, which is what I tried to illustrate.

  3. Shh! 🤫 Do not give out the game away! We still need to get F-16s and long-range missiles for Ukraine!

  4. There must be some form of payment scheme that Microsoft offered to the publisher, however. So by playing it you are likely still giving them money.

  5. Are you saying it is biology?

  6. Stupidity as in incorrect beliefs - culture; or stupidity as in low intelligence - biology?

  7. I think you missed the point

  8. No I did not. How is anything that the West had offered Putin better for him and his buddies?

  9. That was never the point, the point was that the West, especially Europe, wanted Russia in the club of reasonable countries - and that this would be beneficial for the Russian people. Shame on us, I guess.

  10. Man, the Portugese really picked the worst spot for their capital, didn't they

  11. They wanted to be in the (epi)center of the action!

  12. Even unrelated cultures have changing sea level stories. The details may be interpretation or for storytelling but I remember historians saying it is not possible that there could ever have been a worldwide flood for example. Mercifully attitudes have changed.

  13. The Epic of Gilgamesh and the Book of Genesis derive from the same cultural circle, there is no great mystery in this case.

  14. Lmao at People still thinking Russia is a superpower. Do you know what a superpower does? It captures the enemy’s capital in two weeks like the US in 2003. Meanwhile Russia despite focusing all its military might is repeatedly failing to capture a tiny village in the middle of nowhere.

  15. Russians. Solovyov says it all the time in his little propaganda show.

  16. Sure that they do that, but I do not think that kaboom is exasperated at Russians, rather some people here?

  17. Everywhere there are people there's indigenous people.

  18. That is not true. There are *almost no indigenous people in Europe, for example. Only Basques and maybe Sámi could count *(as bigger groups).

  19. If only people like the Basqeues count in Europe than basically none of the Native American tribes count in America.

  20. Like Russophilia, but less yucky.

  21. Are you saying that Tatarophilia is now Russophobia?

  22. No, this is a small group of nuts who steal the symbols of socialism to pursue a conservative and backward agenda. They are just akin to Proud Boys in the US... just with a different symbology.

  23. Wooah! This sexual abuse is EPIC!!! 😎

  24. Ah yes, because the word “epic” only has one meaning.

  25. There is one other — you can get games there for free each week!

  26. Their concept of "honor" is very peculiar. Not really the thing you are thinking of. It is better to advocate from other, more universal values.

  27. To jest pojebane że istnieje wgl obowiązek alimentacyjny na dorosłe, pełnosprawne osoby.

  28. Wspólnie pracowali na swój poziom życia, więc uczciwie będzie jeśli oboje ten poziom utrzymają — co wymaga by ta strona która jest bogatsza po rozwodzie dokładała się do tej biedniejszej.

  29. Im german. Thank god these times are over. Germans hate war, Bundeswehr is totally broken and especially anyone under 50 fell in love with european neighbors and would never attack them.

  30. Germans hate war regarding to start a war. The citizen overwhelmingy approve th delivery of battle tanks but our Olaf (Scholz) is a lame duck. Government is already dividing because of the Olaf hesitation. IMO Germany should send all 300+ Leos we've got and order 1000 new ones. In the meantime the US can send us their Abrams.

  31. Good to hear! ❤️🇩🇪❤️

  32. The defense of Stalingrad is exactly like the invasion of Poland

  33. You mean the invasion of Poland that Stalin took part in?

  34. It was part of the Soviet Block, so yes.

  35. It was not, well it was for 3 years from 45-48, but not after that (the iron curtain was east of Yugoslavia)

  36. The fact that its fall was concurrent with the USSR shows that it is not true. It was not part of West Europe.

  37. If I’m wearing Make-up or jewelry or nail polish that’s a „feminine“ trait even if I feel like I’m 100% male.

  38. If you feel more masculine because of your make-up, then you respond that you feel more masculine.

  39. Overall, men feel less masculine than women feel feminine. That agrees with the common knowledge.

  40. Not gonna lie, this sounds like a plot device in an Austin Powers reboot.

  41. Finally, we are long overdue!

  42. Shoo, shoo, go away! You were supposed to go to sleep! You do not even understand what I write, Timothy Snyder!

  43. It is a pretty clear racist statement. One does not need to live next to a hated group to recognize racism directed at them.

  44. Well, at least you are honest about it. I can respect your candor, even if I despise views.

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