1. Young man ahead of his time. He couldn’t do nothing but smile because he knew they pulled a fast one with the Baby Shark video lol

  2. Thanks for posting this and for the support, we are so glad you are enjoying our stuff!

  3. That deal still going on for $60 half 100 oz? I’ll be there at 11 a.m. lol

  4. First off, welcome to Michigan! Secondly i'd have to largely agree with your assessment here and based off that i'd like to throw out some suggestions to hear what you think!

  5. Galenas is GASSSS… I moved to Michigan from Ohio 2 months ago, and Galenas is an Ohio cultivator so I use to always get their stuff from the dispensary. As you stated Dual OG is great, so is their Electric Peanut Butter, Alien Pebbles and Blueberry Cookie

  6. Nikola Jokic is out for Nuggets tonight so I don’t see them winning

  7. You should be good. I have Chase as well

  8. Sweet thanks. Just didn’t want them to close my account haha. I had a credit Union shut down the transactions before

  9. Yeah Navy Federal won’t let me link my routing and checking account info, but they will let me use my debit card, which is weird. I used Chase debit card on FD last night and had zero issues

  10. I got the same picks besides Hawks

  11. 49 rushing yards away from your win. Valdes definitely not getting 37 yards

  12. This is called Brain Stew in Michigan and Local Grove makes it to perfection.

  13. Gasoline Alley off of Cleveland Massillon.

  14. Dual OG is way better. Gassier, more potent on the inhale/exhale. Wasn’t a fan of the garlic snake breath

  15. I grabbed 4 of them myself and I like them actually, well the purple Urkle wasn’t the best but Watermelon Kush, Super Lemon OG and SLH all did it’s job. Not sure if botanical terps were used but if so, they did a good job because I taste the flower more than anything.

  16. I’m liking SLH a lot!! Picked that one and Pineapple Express up at CC Monroe today.

  17. Just grabbed the Pineapple Express yesterday and I love it. That taste is amazing

  18. Woodward is for sure 🔥🔥 but I think Galenas is right up there with them. Dual OG, Electric Peanut Butter Cookie and Second Breakfast are as good as any Woodward strain. Animal Face Dual OG and Animal Mintz by Certified are my top 3 in the program

  19. I laughed out loud at your comment comparing galena’s and Woodward flower. 😂

  20. You’ve never smoked Dual OG, EPBC or Second Breakfast obviously. Dual OG is better than all Woodward strains as far as gassy taste and overall potency. The only good Woodward strains TO ME is Animal Face, Animal Mints and Jungle Fire. That R’ntz, Grape Octane, Robots, Koala Mints, Blueberry Cheesecake, and True OG were not good to me

  21. Damnnnnnnn….. glad I just saw this, I was about to go now but I know it’ll be a waste of time coming from Florence. This traffic is crazier then the dispo lines lol

  22. Dated 4 years, got engaged last Friday, and hopefully having a wedding August 2023

  23. I also remember that lol. And similar hype for the Garlic Snake Breath that never came back

  24. Literally just bought Garlic Snake Breath yesterday

  25. You ain’t know/ I use to drill for the low/ right after school I’m changing my shoes, ain’t gotta tell me i just go/ I fuck wit 600 so boy I JusBlow/ Ain’t get shot, but Boy I was close

  26. Best bud I've had in a few months. It's on par with my favorite strain Electric PB Cookies.

  27. I’m glad I just read this comment EPBC probably my favorite right now. Gotta grab some now

  28. This is honestly the worst cart I purchased so far in the program. The only bad cart I’ve had now that I think about it. Them 510s, and Lighthouse Science carts are a lot better and of course Hon, Klutch, and Butterfly Effect Pods

  29. Sosa NEVER been better than Durk lol I can’t even name 20 Chief Keef songs

  30. I put my flower in these jars i bought from Amazon. But I’m sure they have smell proof boxes that’ll hold all your product

  31. I love SBD but it was stronger when the THC was above 25%

  32. Electric Peanut Butter - Animal Face -Dual OG- Lemon Slushee - Super Sour Orange - Kings Mustache - Animal Mints (Certified) - Snowball - Sour Blue Diesel - DosiFace

  33. If it says Riviera Creek, Bullseye or Farkas I just keep scrolling lol I’m tired of paying $50 for 2.83 of Catnip 😩😩🤦🏾‍♂️

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