1. Damnnnnnnn….. glad I just saw this, I was about to go now but I know it’ll be a waste of time coming from Florence. This traffic is crazier then the dispo lines lol

  2. Dated 4 years, got engaged last Friday, and hopefully having a wedding August 2023

  3. I also remember that lol. And similar hype for the Garlic Snake Breath that never came back

  4. Literally just bought Garlic Snake Breath yesterday

  5. You ain’t know/ I use to drill for the low/ right after school I’m changing my shoes, ain’t gotta tell me i just go/ I fuck wit 600 so boy I JusBlow/ Ain’t get shot, but Boy I was close

  6. Best bud I've had in a few months. It's on par with my favorite strain Electric PB Cookies.

  7. I’m glad I just read this comment EPBC probably my favorite right now. Gotta grab some now

  8. This is honestly the worst cart I purchased so far in the program. The only bad cart I’ve had now that I think about it. Them 510s, and Lighthouse Science carts are a lot better and of course Hon, Klutch, and Butterfly Effect Pods

  9. Sosa NEVER been better than Durk lol I can’t even name 20 Chief Keef songs

  10. It wasn’t his 1st time being charged with that shit. He got charged with it last year too.

  11. This is from the same case, with the same child from September of last year. They just now locking him up after DNA evidence and text messages linking him to this sick shit

  12. I put my flower in these jars i bought from Amazon. But I’m sure they have smell proof boxes that’ll hold all your product

  13. I love SBD but it was stronger when the THC was above 25%

  14. Electric Peanut Butter - Animal Face -Dual OG- Lemon Slushee - Super Sour Orange - Kings Mustache - Animal Mints (Certified) - Snowball - Sour Blue Diesel - DosiFace

  15. If it says Riviera Creek, Bullseye or Farkas I just keep scrolling lol I’m tired of paying $50 for 2.83 of Catnip 😩😩🤦🏾‍♂️

  16. Yeah If Im not at Bloom within the first hour of them opening, I just go around the corner to the Botanist. Prices are higher but hardly ever any wait. Herbology in The Falls is just as bad as Bloom though

  17. I had the luster pod a week or so ago and it was good

  18. Aye I’m traveling to Indiana tomorrow and they don’t even allow marijuana at all but I still got my Dual OG and Snowball flower and my 2 Black Jack Pods packed up and ready to go lol

  19. Whatever you did in your previous state (synthetic urine hopefully) continue to use that in Ohio

  20. I came from a rec legal state and before it was legal I’ve never had an opportunity that required testing. Now In Ohio where you can carry a gun and smoke people but got forbid you smoke weed 😂😂

  21. Any hood corner stores or hood vape shops will have what you need.

  22. I have a butterfly effect battery. Could I use this pod in there?

  23. If you’re going through NuggMd you can literally tell them anything. You will be approved 90 seconds into the conversation with the doctor over a video call.

  24. Bro I have Orange 43 and Lemon Slushee and they legit taste nothing alike lol

  25. Lol luster pod was good. G Soap tastes like soap but effects were good. Jungle 🔥 and Cake were just meh to me, nothing special. The pod was the best purchase for sure

  26. Or… I’ll just continue to post as I please lol

  27. Yes when I went around 1 I was there 1 hour 10 minutes smh but I got what I needed

  28. More than $10/gram on a sale? That’s still gross and a slap in the face to patients.

  29. I don’t look at as a medicine and I’m a patient lol I smoke weed with or without this program so a little more than $10 a gram is good to me

  30. I don’t care lol I’m just posting for those who doesn’t know about the deal

  31. $99 and $50 are the cheapest options honestly.

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