1. Mercedes atm feels like a weird mix of ron dennis mclaren and zak brown mclaren

  2. Yeah that sounds spot on! Ferrari is taking itself maybe a tad more serious compared to RB but it feels more like "family" than a corporate structure. Plus Red Bull marketing is king ofcourse.

  3. They had their fair share of fun in the past 8 years, it's honestly nice seeing other drivers on the podium more regularly than Hamilton and Bottas

  4. I really liked the Hamilton Verstappen rivalry and feel for Hamilton, but it is so refreshing this year with Perez in the mix as well!

  5. For me definately! I can carry my switch with joycons and hori or binbok controllers + charger and 20 games everywhere :)

  6. That’s groovy. I added it to my list. At the moment im just throwing the hori controllers in my bag with the normal switch case. It’s not the best lol. Thanks for the link

  7. No problem! I did dat too but I was worried my controllers would break, plus I had to keep sliding the controllers off and on again 😂

  8. Unfortunately that comes with these aio's.. I had the Cappelix for 2 weeks and the whine made me go crazy. It is because the pump speed can't get below 2200rpm (because of the design of the pump). I now got a Kraken x73 and it is silent (because I could set it to 1600rpm).

  9. Yeah this is a new build and I'm not sure I want to trade noise to have cool lights anymore lol. I'm thinking of returning it and getting an arctic liquid freezer II 360 or nzxt kraken x73.

  10. I had exactly the same dilemma hahaha. I went for the NZXT white for my build in the end. Started with the black x73, but didn't like the dim lights on the pump but the sound of the h150i is waaaay worse than some lights hahaha.

  11. Hey bro can you send them to me too? I'm struggling to find a balance between awareness and focus on the ball. Thanks!

  12. Mine bugs out sometimes when turning it on. I have to flip it down and up again before it mutes.

  13. If you don't need the wireless, go for a mic with boomarm and wired headphones like the Beyerdynamic 770 pros. If you want wireless HS80 is truly amazing

  14. Have u ever tried the hs80? I've seen people saying it's good and people saying their sound is garbage

  15. I own one right now! I first tried Beyerdynamic 990pro with a seperate mic on a boom arm but for casual gaming and meetings I found the microphone was often in the way of my screen and needed to readjust often. Also the cable of the headset was irritating. Then I bought the Arctic 7 but I didn't like the sound profile and the mic quality.

  16. I'll check those out too thanks!

  17. Definately pick the HS80 over the cloud 2 and Arctic 7. I've had all 3 and the HS80 is currently my daily driver. Its awesome!

  18. thank you. the funny part is that i consider myself more of a solid gamesense/rotations/teamwork kind of player than a mechanical one.

  19. Hahaha damn I consider myself that too with a fov of 110 on an ultrawide monitor. I'm sure you can improve to gc in a breeze with normal settings 😂

  20. Thank you! When you say recovery do you mean like getting back to goal or just landing on my wheels? edit also, might be a dumb question but what exactly is the back post?

  21. Hey I think he means your landing! Often you seem to just wait until your car is straight again. You can try and work on your recoveries in free play by just jumping around trying to land on 4 wheels. Apart from that, you are honestly not bad!! Don't get discouraged by your teammates and their rage. You are doing fine! No reason to avoid ranked play! Also what I found, don't be afraid to try things outside of your comfort zone in ranked. People mess up all the time and so can you, just ignore teammates dropping the what a saves and nice shots when you miss a ball.

  22. how do these compare to virtuoso's in terms of quality, im looking to get these for the cloth pads & headband. Virtuosos use bad leather that flakes off

  23. Build quality is good. The headband is very different from the Virtuoso but way more comfortable. The virtuoso also has a high clamping force which the HS80 does not have. HS80 is sound quality wise almost identical to the virtuoso.

  24. So did I, people keep saying that but don’t post their good settings

  25. You could try my EQ settings in icue. They are really pleasant to listen to for music.

  26. You could try my EQ settings in icue. They are really pleasant to listen to for music and I don't have any problems in fortnite. And what is really really helpful in fortnite is to enable visual audio in the audio tab. You can literally see the direction everything is coming from and you can instantly see what angle people are firing from.

  27. You could try my EQ settings. They are really pleasant to listen to!

  28. Worse yet, I have yet to receive any kind of acknowledgement from corsair about this.

  29. Yeah corsair seems silent about these issues. They did however respond to some users with the same problems on their forum. They are still investigating the issue so I hope there will be a fix soon..

  30. As of now there is no fix yet but it is kind of a hit or mis situation. I ordered the headset and hoped I would not have this issue and I didn't. If it would have had the issue I would have returned it and got another one.

  31. Already got one? I can recommend the HS80 from corsair! Their audio is awesome with some tweaking in their software and the mic is absolutely fantastic for a wireless gaming headset. They last around 15-20 hours on one charge and can be used wireless and wired (no Bluetooth tho). Best gaming headset I've owned and sounds pretty good compared to more studio quality headphones.

  32. Good luck! You can ask me if you run into any questions. The mic quality is honestly amazing. :)

  33. I had the same dilemma. I first got 990pro with boomarm and a mic, but switched to a wireless gaming headset soon after. I didn't like the fact that you need to adjust the mic constantly when moving around at your desk and it's kinda in the way all the time. I got the Arctis 7 but that headset honestly sucks pretty hard. I got the corsairs hs80 after that and they are amazing! They are the cheaper version or the Virtuoso XT, but they are very very comfortable. The virtuoso has a pretty high clamping force so I discarded those pretty quick in my search.

  34. Yes my friend. Always interested in finding a nice wireless set but I think headsets can't compare to a good set of cans. The trade offs are difficult.

  35. I had the Beyerdynamic 990pro and I must say, the Corsair HS80 wireless headset comes pretty fucking close for a gaming headset. Plus the mic is very very good.

  36. I don't have Rust myself but just by the numbers your 3100 beats the FX 5950 minimum CPU requirement by a good amount. Do you have the X or G version?

  37. 'Minimum requirements' are somehting completely different than 'no bottleneck'. Every configuration of parts will have a bottleneck of some sort when not enabling a framerate cap. 3600 or 3700 would be a good fit for the GPU OP has.

  38. Yeah I get that, it's just the op seems really laid back about it. Not sure if he wants an excuse to buy a new toy or a reason not to spend some cash. Since everyone else is going buy this, buy that, i thought I'd just give him an out if thats what he's looking for, you know...

  39. Ah yeah makes sense! To me it looked like he wanted to know why he is bottlenecked so bad. Have a good one!

  40. I agree with DrUnclepants, they are amazing! Have had them for 2 weeks now and I absolutely love them. My battery life is great and the music is very good. The mic is out of this world for a wireless headset. Onyl thing I did was change the EQ in ICUE a little bit to boost the lower and higher frequencies.

  41. You bought it? I really like them so far! Great battery life, perfect microphone and good sound (after changing EQ settings).

  42. It might be that you have to select the led first on the preview of the headset in ICUE. For example, when I want to enable my corsair keyboard lightning I have to click and drag to select ervery key to light the up.

  43. Nah, it’s only a Zone selection and I can’t even unselect it, it’s permanently selected!

  44. I have a diifferent question than OP. Is this still fine? Say if I just get a single 2TB nvme ssd. Or should I get a single 256gb for Windows?

  45. You don't need a seperate drive for your Windows installation but it might speed up loading times a tiny bit. I went from 1tb ssd to 2x500 and 1t with windows on one of the 500's, I couldn't observe major differences though.

  46. Still love them, it's probably because the lack of bass but you can literally just turn it up lol

  47. Yeah I don't get that either. I tuned my EQ with ICUE instead of dolby atmos and they sound really really good. I like the sound and I think they sound as good as the dt990s from beyerdynamic. Although people may disagree hahahah. And I'm at 10h of active usage and still in the green battery so yeah its awesome!

  48. Battery life is still like day 1 for me a couple months in, if the rgb is off they do last significantly longer. Agreed they sound amazing, I still use Dolby for games though just because it still blows me away how the sound can do what it does.

  49. Aaah yeah nice,hopefully my battery will not degrade fast because that would suck..

  50. Lol right? IDIOT! Can't spell the names of Minecraft biomes? Whut a total dork, im totally gonna DDOS them!

  51. I have the HS80 since last week and I love them! I had the cloud 2 wired and Arctis 7 before this, but the HS80 is better than both! Out of the box the sound is not perfect, but with the built in ICUE EQ (5,3,2,1,0,2,4,6,8) it sounds amazing! And the mic quality is absolutely perfect.

  52. To add to this, I have had the Beyerdynamic 990s and I don't even bother to use a seperate headset for music because the sound of the HS80 is absolutely fine for casual music as well!

  53. They’re legit. These basic tees are sold at places like Marshall’s or Burlington on the daily

  54. Thank you! I bought them for 43 euros including shipping, not bad I guess?

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