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  1. So true it’s uncanny. You know how in some video games, you might enter a room and all the NPCs stop what they’re doing and face you? All eyes on you, whatever they were doing stopped, no words. That’s what being a new O is like. And, by the time they trust you, it’s time to PCS.

  2. “You know what? That new LT is actually pretty cool… Aaaaaaaaand he’s gone.” Yeah, that’s how I remember it.

  3. Haha a rep was tossing those from a booth like 10 or some odd years ago lol might actually be the oldest patch I have on my wall

  4. Is that a Weaponsgrade Waifu patch?? I’ve got the safari zone poacher hunter one!

  5. The rear sight ain’t only too far forward it’s also backwards lolololol

  6. Smh, I am well aware of both the enlisted and officer payscale.Between 1996 and 20011, I never heard a Marine refer to themself or another Marine by e3 e4.

  7. Open your eyes devil, he’s not elusive, he is everywhere

  8. War thunder, Reddit, man I got skill issues everywhere

  9. “Hey partner, get your hands outta your pockets before somebody who actually gives a shit spots ya.”

  10. we picked up some OIF sgt who has been out ten years and got him drunk enough to projectile vomit onto a 1stLts dress blues

  11. The shenanigans in that show are easily comparable to the tomfoolery that occurs in the Corps, you are good to go.

  12. The community threw such a fit when they first rolled out this new livery a few years ago

  13. It wasn’t the whole community though. It was like 2 dozen very vocal residents who felt the American Flag would be intimidating to immigrants and tourists. So the city had an open town hall where 95% of the response was positive, so the Chief of Police told the few unhappy folks to pound sand.

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