1. Why do renters insurance go up more than homeowners insurance, percentage wise? Can’t afford a house AND have to pay more in insurance? Fun times.

  2. You don’t have to buy renters insurance, but I think if you are mortgaged you have to buy home insurance per mortgage rules

  3. Try working in a medical office working on insurance claims. Insurance will try everything to deny your coverage or they will purposely under cut billed fees. This results in medical professionals billing higher to recover more fees.

  4. Japan investigating a game based on a fictional historical story while ignores all the white washing it is currently doing to tamper Japanese history about it’s atrocities it had committed to the Koreans, Chinese and Filipinos during Sino-Japan war II, Chinese colonization and WW2.

  5. The nukes were not over the top from US geopolitics b/c the Japanese were going to surrender to the Russians. Losing Japan to the Soviet bloc would have lost the entire Asian region to the Soviet.

  6. In science we don’t have such bullshit

  7. It’s 559 currently, I hope you sold :4271:

  8. There is only one salt, NaCl. All other “salt” are just NaCl with extra minerals unless we are referring to end product of an acid base reaction

  9. Yes please. I'm gonna get killed someday by one of these 100mph lane weavers.

  10. Oh my god, only 25 million, who can live on such measly amounts

  11. I love my phone but each year, like clockwork, a new phone is released that isn’t different from any of the previous ones. When something really awesome comes along, then we’ll talk.

  12. They are releasing new phones for the people with 5+ years old phones. Why do you think they are releasing new phones for you?

  13. Well, for one they have their Apple Upgrade Plan where you can get a new phone every year. That’s literally the tag line.

  14. Not everyone is buying it and the upgrade plan is cheaper than getting a new phone without while giving up your old phone, so you aren’t paying that much for a new phone.

  15. If i were an ageless immortal I wouldn't be an asshole. I wouldn't make hundreds of demons. I wouldn't kill people. And I wouldn't concern myself with the sun. But if I had to pursue it I would just use my fortune to hire humans to find what I needed. Like the Blue Spider Lily.

  16. What fortune? You don’t become rich when you are immortal

  17. Make a tv show about you surviving absurd events, assist with weapons tests, safety tests and don’t be evil. If all you do is good, what reason do they have to kill you?

  18. You are immortal, people will freak out and experiment on you.

  19. You sir have the smoothest brain. Your comment just made statisticians roll in their grave.

  20. OP is an idiot who doesn’t know how to check data and fact.

  21. You get better returns in the stock and it’s much more liquid than a house.

  22. Excellent. Next, pass a law that holds the criminals responsible if there is an injury or fatality during the police chase.

  23. lol, giving police more immunity than they already have now?

  24. Shopping carts already exists and why we wiping them off every use? Just wash your hands?

  25. Doesn't matter how many players you block if everybody is using them. inb4 some1 say I should play solo, I solo most of the time except for Eidolon, Defense, Interception and when I'm playing with my friend.

  26. So you are just complaining for the sake of complaining? Go do something else.

  27. When will you regards learn to never bet against Elon???

  28. He is autistic, he isn’t staying autistic

  29. Can’t wait til my car drives me home after me drinking a few pints after work.

  30. Your car is more likely to drive you into on coming traffic if it’s a Tesla

  31. Election interference already exists, it’s called donors and big money interests.

  32. What you should do OP is stop worrying how other people play.

  33. I'm not voting for Joe Biden because I think he's the right choice for president. I'm voting for him to keep the pathological lying narcissist out. Truly saddening that it's come to this.

  34. We have been voting for the lesser evil for the past 3 decades. We are never going to improve the country if we are just looking for band aid solutions.

  35. Set up fake firework stands that sell duds and have undercover go after venders.

  36. Poison tend to get destroyed when exposed to heat such as an explosion. That’s why there were Nichirin metal spikes since poison would have just evaporated

  37. If you need dumb gimmicks to get people to eat your food, that means your food isn’t good.

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