1. Mommy don't know daddy's getting hot, at the meth shop

  2. Bet if you mad eone of those: "hey guys what's this song called?" And then wrote "to-to do doooo" everyone and their mom would get it.

  3. I only know Andromeda, can any1 sum up the others?

  4. Thanks! That was a really fun read and I learnt some new stuff

  5. Didn't know I'm a chongyun person (is that how ya spell it?)

  6. I once saw a meme "Q has 2 moods: iPad kid, or divorced dad."

  7. 2, especially if he knew it's the epic one.

  8. Wtf is that design, and WHERE CAN I PLAY THIS GAME.

  9. Hades. It's fantastic. Canonically queer rougelike with very approachable difficulty progression.

  10. :facepalm: at least it's wholesome and not yelling antivax bs at parents.

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