1. I'm looking to possibly trade/buy this what is the value and round about conversion cost gunjoker prices seem to be $600-$800 is this accurate

  2. Well obviously you already know what it is before I comment. Thanks for posting, I like to test my knowledge to see if I know, and cool pics like this help me, thanks. But did you take this pic or have any idea where this was and when?

  3. Have you tried them? I have come across several sites with different brands, mostly target sports, but want something that is going to work well.

  4. Like the guy below said tec mags are hit or miss I've bought from this site several times it's good to go but never bought any extra mags for my tec

  5. I had to msg him after seeing your post....Said I'm included with current batch..Now I'm super excited can't wait!!

  6. I'm diggin the headboard more than the gun if I'm being honest but I really like the gun too

  7. $1600 but I'm open to negotiating I have the tote plus about 100 more that won't fit

  8. I have all the wood tools for the job and 2, 5'x8' trailers full of oak and black walnut board's and blocks. I made a type 99 arisaka stock to replace the one Bubba chopped up on my gun and since I have more than enough wood to do it and not going to do anything else with it I figured I would save money and give myself something to do on my weekends off.

  9. Let me see the type 99 stock you made I've got one that needs a full length stock if you are looking for something else to do

  10. I don't think zenitco is shipping to the US at the moment not sure about the other one

  11. No it doesn't it's on HBO Max and I was kinda disappointed but still enjoyed it some what

  12. Shoot first I've done nothing to mine other than a red dot I keep taking on and off. I'm pushing 700 rnds with no issues so far.

  13. I submitted mine same day as OP still haven't heard anything lol. Luck

  14. Submitted my stamp for my krink on feb 28th hoping to get it back here shortly

  15. I submitted my first one Jan 2 and put the wrong model then waited like 35 days to be denied. So this has been a 2 month process lol.

  16. You should have just tried it with out the silly short stroke kit.

  17. I have done nothing to mine and it has been a great gun probably pushing 700 rounds 200 of them last weekend not one issue

  18. I have an fnx with an osprey 45. No issues. Just check that the can is tight after every few mags. Which is pretty obvious with the osprey

  19. Obvious because of the shape? How do you like the two together?

  20. Yeah because the shape. It’s pretty much the coolest pistol setup you can get. I’ve got the holosun 509tx2 and an x300 on mine

  21. I'm fairly new to sig I just bought my first one yesterday. What is the last nob/button behind the slide release? Is it a saftey or decocker? Thanks

  22. The slide release is behind the decocker, closest to the hammer. You can see the rounded track for the decocker to move down toward the mag release.

  23. Thanks 😊 I just picked up the FDE M18 but you have a sweet setup

  24. If the ATF outlaws braces, there would be no point in braces existing. They certainly aren’t going to grandfather them, and anyone who is already getting an SBR stamp would just opt for a stock. Now is the time to sell sell sell braces and expand your stamp collection before the rush.

  25. People with private property would have no worries. The biggest problem I see people running into is Fudd range occifers busting balls. I will not comply with the outlaw if it goes through. Just my 2 cents but I agree for the people who are gonna comply sale now and file form 1.

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