1. US dollar is in yuge trouble with the Brazil and Chinese alliance? Looks like folks are moving away from US dollar :4260:

  2. Apple buy now payer later. A great way to pile up more debt on more needless junk :29637:

  3. How can any serious investor be buying at such elevated valuations and p/e? This is what you call being ripped off surely :4271::8882:

  4. It’s either overvalued or trash so there is no reason anymore :4271:

  5. You are basing your bet on logic, that’s simply not going to work. The market is never rational.

  6. We know it’s a scam yet we still fight it. Just roll with the scam bears :4641::4267:

  7. I went short at close yesterday. Pray for me :4260:

  8. When you meet someone named Dawn, you know she’s a swinger :8882:

  9. Somebody gets it. Most of the market is fucking dead and most stocks down well over ~50%. Big tech makes it look like stocks are doing great :4271:

  10. Got love the egg stock. Green, green and more green. All time highs on deck

  11. If Jerome is in, we’re all in right? :4641:

  12. Bulls about to put the bag over the top of bears head :4271::4267:

  13. Anyone else wake up and have a coffee and baileys and wait for the market to open then go to work an hour later? 10/10 Would recommend

  14. I almost forgot. Baileys and coffee is :12787:

  15. The real criminals. The police. Frightening stuff when you give abit of power to humans. Absolutely senseless.

  16. MU 8% on its worst ever quarter. :4271::4267:

  17. MU upgrades on those earnings?! Fucking hell this is legit crazy. :4271::4271::4271:

  18. It’s transitory so I guess nobody cares :4271:

  19. Being British is class. Then you realise you can't play options. Inverse ETFs it is :4260:

  20. You’ve got bigger things to worry about with double digit inflation

  21. So many tards here I don’t where to start.

  22. If anyone here says buy said stock it’s heading to the “moon” it’s a clear signal to exit.

  23. Never thought my net worth would be tied to a failing bank but here we are

  24. I buy used furniture, cars, kitchenware, electronics. If it’s in working order I’m okay with that. Just recently moved and saved a ton of money buying used items. Electronics is best bought used imo, there isn’t much reason to buy new. You can save an astounding amount on washing machine, microwave, fridge, tvs, computer stuff etc. well worth it imo

  25. Bears will be cooked once recession is announced :27189:

  26. We will all be jobless with AI. On the flip side working will be a distant memory for most of us. None of us will be needed. Work will be gone forever. Bullish :4276:

  27. Banks are risky business. Stay well clear.

  28. Oil heavily manipulated holy fuk :4271::4271:

  29. This market will take both bears and bulls money. It’s rangebound. Playing options here is a losing bet :4267:

  30. Looks like the wake for freedom of speech. And freedom in general. Everyone attending had been whipped up into a frenzy of hate.

  31. Won’t be long until you won’t be able to discuss anything. Freedom of speech is dead. Sad

  32. Historic buildings with adds all over them. It should be illegal.

  33. Soon it’ll be a concrete jungle all over the world. Nature is truly on its way out.

  34. The kitchen sink has been thrown at this market and it’s holding up. I can’t see how it goes down from here.

  35. Bears cooked everyday. This is like 2021 where every dip got bought up. Time to get on the bull side.

  36. It's just fucking classic how we melt up literally every day no matter what happens

  37. Economic fears” the same ole articles everyday when markets are flat. They get paid to produce the same old recycled trash articles everyday. Yes I’m triggered

  38. I think we all know everything is priced in. They’ve even priced you in as an individual. :27189:

  39. It went down to $5 in the last banking failure

  40. Absolutely fucking nuts :4271::4271::4271::4271:

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