33 and dying from cancer. AMA

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  1. Please don’t drag other family members into it. Loose lips sink ships, and until they get it sorted it might be best to not become a point of hot family gossip.

  2. If Life House is looking to create safe spaces then why did they eliminate one when they forced Blush to close?

  3. I’m not the right person to ask about that, unfortunately. I’m just a muralist in collaboration with Life House. 🙏🏽

  4. This is so interesting. Is there a story behind it? Or if not, could you make one up? :⁠-⁠D

  5. I definitely could make a story! This was a prompt for inktober and I was inspired by Treasure Planet when I was sketching. I’ve never thought to put a story to this character 💗🙏🏽 Thank you for asking!

  6. His favorite things are crunchy leaves and sitting on top of pumpkins 🎃💗🐈‍⬛

  7. Thank you! Watercolor is my favorite medium for this reason 🎃

  8. I see that there are two other comments, which I would reply to, but I haven’t figured out how to make them visible😅 Once I do I will respond!

  9. I absolutely love this!! This is the kind of concept I would never be able to pull off, bravo!!

  10. Thank you! This little guy is getting an illustrated story soon :)

  11. I worked with blacks. i played sports with blacks, i even employ them. I accept them on all levels. Now for the first time in my life, I am looking for intimacy with one, and was just asking about the political end of things and peoples experience.

  12. If this isn’t the most plantation descendant shit I’ve ever read… BLACKS…

  13. I have two GA tickets 130 ea transfer on ticket master

  14. I’d buy it if you’re willing to ship it. I’d throw in an extra 50. I’ve been looking for one for myself

  15. He wont come down from 600 though... i tried

  16. Idc my birthday is coming up and I found out I have autism this year, fuck it. Dm me if u wanna legit do this, I’ll pay shipping, what he wants 50 to you and lll let you pick out some prints from my art if you’re into that

  17. Anyone have a GA ticket available? I was gifted one but I don’t want to go alone or be separated from my partner

  18. I have two tickets I’m selling cause I can’t go to the newly scheduled date. Section F2 Row 15 Seats 19-20. I paid $175 for each and would just ask for that.

  19. I really might! I am looking at one of my living room walls thinking it’d be a perfect space, but I am terrible with ideas! But I’m going to really do some thinking

  20. I can help sketch out ideas with you. This basset hound had 10 versions of it fully colored before the client chose the one they wanted ranging from flames and dragons and phoenixes to what is shown here 💗

  21. Thanks! I’m going to DM you if that’s okay!

  22. I travel to install these murals. If you’d like one, feel free to reach out 💗

  23. I watched it in a group of three and we were all disappointed. We watch films from around the world a couple times a week for a fun group activity

  24. Rest stops, Walmart parking lot, pay for the 24 hour parking spot in canal - 7 bucks have been my favorite options.

  25. Yes next to the hotel by the board walk there is a pay per spot parking lot with a large structure that blocks the sun. You pay per hour or per day. Decent spot to van camp.

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