Italy’s new prime minister

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  1. Wait, in this tweet at least it doesn't look like OP ever claimed that the US caused the Holocaust. In contrast, the reply constructs this strawman and even seems to defend the notion that the US entered the war to prevent the Holocaust which is totally false.

  2. I don't read this as him saying the US caused the Holocaust, but A happened, followed by B. Did Hitler make this statement after Pearl Harbor?

  3. Going to HK and Japan, subways are definitely amazing and make travel like super easy. But I also gotta say that not every country can support its infrastructure.

  4. Yes, only countries who care about a functional society and not the interests of car maker lobbies

  5. I don't think I've ever seen a city where a bus could get me anywhere faster than a car. The subway to get around downtown NYC, maybe. So far the only reasons for me to be on public transportation have been to avoid parking costs or to be able to get drunk.

  6. That's a pretty compelling reason to ask for your public transit system to be improved.

  7. Obviously to seek financial compensation. This is no trivial matter.

  8. Actually that was version 2.0. The first version you just put the device in your underwear and was called cockfish.

  9. The evolution now widely used is AssFish. They moved the engine frome the penis to the rectum for both ergonomics and gender equality reasons.

  10. He didn't have a contract with Alpine though, so there was no obligation of loyalty to them, was there?

  11. I mean, if you're bound by a contract it's not really loyalty is it.

  12. pronunciation of Mickey =/= pronunciation of Mikey

  13. Kubica has nothing to do with the young driver FP1 program

  14. Sigh... young drivers. Having an FP1 run does not mean fulfilling the young driver requirement 😐

  15. I'm still not over how Rubens and not Massa is the last Brazilian race winner

  16. In the constructors championship they only count the best result per race, if you make a 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 only the win counts

  17. But of course other constructors can at best take p9 so it matters

  18. Apple needs to be fucked to the moon with a huge lawsuit.

  19. The silicone typo made me think she was writing on a floppy dildo.

  20. This phrase has definitely got some sexual undertones to it

  21. Oh ffs what an insufferable load of bollocks. They all were pretty shitty people tbh, her aristocratic ass included.

  22. Everybody shitting on the lady while the biker is the only moron (and criminal) here.

  23. Cause he prob thought she was gonna get out of the way. Apparently this lady thought she would ultra instinct last second and dodge the bike or some shit 🤷‍♂️

  24. The bike has to "dodge" (actually, stop for) pedestrians. You have it the other way around.

  25. Before the queen died William was the Duke of Cambridge, his brother the Duke of Sussex.

  26. Charles obtained the title of Prince of Wales at age 9. The "automatic" (when you're the male son of the monarch) title for the heir is Duke of Cornwall; however at his birth his mother wasn't queen.

  27. But Alpine said that they do not want rookies.

  28. To be fair, Mick's been increasingly outperforming KMag since ~Austria. But to be fairer, KMag has been increasingly dogshit since then, so not sure whether it says something about Mick being good or Kevin being overrated by Günther.

  29. Stoffel just won the FE world championship so it might be time for round two

  30. Agree to disagree? On top of that we have VR now, which might be much more popular in the coming decades.

  31. Lol dude chess has literally never been this popular, with record number of players both OTB and on online platforms, and chess streaming has become a huge phenomenon. Don't really know why are you so hell bent on talking out of your ass here

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