1. imagine your company announcing that they're laying off 20% of the workforce but not announcing who it's exactly like AMOGUS in real life.

  2. That's exactly what a few friends of mine at Google are going through/went through. It's in the EU which is/was after the US layoffs. They were just told there will be layoffs, but not told when or who. Not even what department

  3. Lol if your not from the US you might not know why this is hillarious. Atlantic city is like a poor, run down Vegas.

  4. Just like a few other things, I learnt that from HIMYM

  5. I had the i30N for 3 years and it was an absolutely amazing car

  6. That's a lie, I'm equally as depressed with 1k in the bank as I am with 20k

  7. Road trip will take quite a while and the package hasn't been sent yet. So I'll look into the konbini and PUDO locker options thanks!

  8. Most of the delivery companies can deliver to a konbini for pickup. You would need to find the konbini you want it delivered to and verify with them that they can receive it and then the other private person can send it there.

  9. Oh that's great, when googling around I only saw that you can drop off at a conbini to send packages

  10. Did not expect that here. Has been some time since I heard this song.

  11. I just read "allein allein" and my mind was instantly singing the song, couldn't help it if I wanted

  12. I've read it a few times now, but who or what is Baj? My braindead self always reverts to W92Baj from the Mindcrack days when I read Baj and that's definitely not it

  13. Thank god I'm not the only one of thinks of Mindcrack lol

  14. Those were the good old days :(

  15. I'm learning that if I ever get a gym membership, I should use one of those virtual cards that I can isolate and cancel at a moment's notice.

  16. My bank allows me to create multiple virtual credit cards myself instantly (and even auto-burning one time use ones). Would definitely recommend using virtual ones for as much as possible

  17. I laughed so hard when the employee played back their recordings!

  18. TL;DR: James Key out, and being replaced by a team of people - David Sanchez from Ferrari (starting Jan 2024), Peter Prodromou and Neil Houldey

  19. I hate that meta is still on there

  20. Depends on the state you have it registered in. You’re state DMV should have a section about it.

  21. Also depends on the country as not everyone is in the US...

  22. But what's the correlation between wanting to focus on the 2023 season and sending an old car to Madrid's exhibition?

  23. Had this experience in my Toyota. Remembered that the vent slider lever was on exterior air. Moved it to interior recirculation. Killed all the mosquitoes, at least twenty, then went to sleep and no more mosquitoes got in. They can smell your carbon dioxide exhalations and follow it in through that open vent.

  24. I'm in a 2004 Toyota as well and it was on exterior air. Fingers crossed that solves it!

  25. Huge RedBull fan here, never have and never will spend money on RedBull drinks

  26. Some people don't like to face the truth

  27. https://www.reddit.com/r/formuladank/comments/11yplzm/comment/jdbvfaa/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

  28. German here currently in Japan without speaking Japanese (other than a few phrases one can pick up quickly). Go to Japan.

  29. Now I spelled Deutsch right. But it refused to answer with the same excuse as in screenshots

  30. Maybe it refuses as you didn't spell "sie" with a capital "S" and therefore incorrect

  31. A 2nd backup phone where you're logged in and have all your stuff

  32. This reminds of the time when I had a plane "toy" (more like a model), made from some kinda super hard plastic, which for some reason had a super pointy/spiky (don't know the correct word, not a native speaker) cylinder nose. In addition to that, the wings and the rear were aligned perfectly so it could stand upright, having the nose pointed straight up of course.

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