1. Waiting for EVA wallet. I want to use the voice command on this platform. Let us see how it works for me. It says that it does your taxes, paperwork, and investments.

  2. You are right and everything has voice commands just like your Phone. But EVA is much more secure and unique because it can make transactions using voice commands.

  3. Hello, when is the launch of the first ever AI web3 app. Do you have a source especially the launch of the token in the market?

  4. The future of Ai is in within TENET, that may every user may flourish on TENET.

  5. Having its pure utility, we are in a safe staking and secure every account! This what the investors need!

  6. The team is composed of smart people with their expertise about crypto. This will be the gate for TENET to be on top!

  7. Our first major AI application is a Web3 mobile wallet featuring advance AI Assistance. Such a promising project that never to miss.

  8. Additional. The EVA or TENET app is the first ever AI web3 mobile wallet app in the Crypto space. Also, turn on your TENET TG and Twitter notifications for the hottest updates.

  9. TENET member has a good background in Crypto and they are also one of the leaders in it. There is no doubt that the growth of this project will be rapid.

  10. I see mooning everywhere 🚀 hows your doge?

  11. Because TENET represent an already staked asset, they are an attractive source of increased yield when staked on a different chain.

  12. Unlike other chain, TENETS staked assets and TENET LSDs can be traded freely and are excellent candidates to be Diversified Proof of Stake assets.

  13. TENET as its advance system and AI assistance surely does free from danger or to those people with bad intention.

  14. The most intriguing thing about the staking is having to use Eva Al to carry out the task without stressing

  15. They are aiming to be the easiest way to enter in crypto, that's whys they created EVA, an advance AI assistance!

  16. Giving the security information's for all is must better, and for the better use of it.

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