1. Very cool! But the lyric is “surreal” isn’t it?


  3. Use this thread for all reactions and discussions related to the Lavender Haze music video. Other posts will be removed.

  4. I’m starting to think of what to wear to the tour. I definitely want to dress up but don’t want to attract a ton of attention or anything. I’m 32 and my favorite eras are Red, 1989, and Rep but I feel like I kind of want to wear something folkmore inspired. I’m also a bit worried about the weather because early May outdoors can be either cold or pretty warm here.

  5. The ivy idea is fantastic and unique. I guarantee there will be dozens of other people at every show in the other outfits.

  6. It's also against the rules. Please report any accounts you see doing this as it helps us out.

  7. "I'm spilling wine in the bathtub" - Dress

  8. 1989 through Lover is like the Holy Trinity of underrated songs

  9. 🥰🥰🥰 not gonna lie, I needed that today

  10. Literally the best mod ♥️ anyone can fight me on that

  11. I'll take it! I don't have anything from Fearless tour even though I went

  12. Hi! All yours - shoot me a message so we can figure out the shipping. I’m out rn but can reply when i’m home 💖

  13. The dentist office: I'll Never Lose My Retainer Again

  14. Yes. We will have that when the tour starts, same as reputation :)

  15. There's always that one boring person who didn't change their WiFi name

  16. It's me. Hi! I'm the Wifi-3B-1A name wifi came with person.

  17. I knew somebody was going to answer with that pun 😂

  18. I definitely thought that the cupcake was part of the same tattoo 😂

  19. If you would like to wish Taylor a happy birthday, write a note about how important she/her music is in your life, or share any other thoughts and tidbits, do so here.

  20. Thanks lyd! I still don’t understand why we got no cut ttds official christmas merch 😫

  21. I assume it's because of the curse word, especially since she censored fuck on the ATW10 keychain, but I would love some official merch.

  22. you're probably right! but it's so silly-- like, she literally sings the curse words guys, it's okay. especially something as inoffensive as 'damn'. i feel like there were wayyyyyy too many ATW themed official ornaments instead of more for the other albums/songs in general, though.

  23. I agree! She had too many Red ornaments in general.

  24. Notorious bad influence here! It's the same price as regular merch, AND you deserve to get yourself something for Christmas, AND you would look great in it. 😈

  25. I'll send the idea to Santa, but I can't afford it at the moment haha

  26. That's insane. Thank you though because that time was well spent making this subreddit such a fun and supportive place!

  27. It's hard to gauge how many hours I actually spent here because I primarily use Reddit Is Fun, and none of that time is factored in.

  28. I got the male version in a small and it fits like a female small. It’s not tight fitting and works well with leggings

  29. Oh, that's great to know! I'm a very tiny person, so it's really hard to find clothes that fit. I might actually get an extra small in women's now. Thank you!

  30. I’m 5’4” and 108lbs for reference. Attempting to link my pic to this.

  31. It looks great on you! I'm definitely getting an xs women's now. We'll all be rocking green sweaters 🥰

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