Woke rainbow imperialist vs Chad respectful Japanese

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Transwoman attacked by a mob in morocco

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  1. The number of forefathers dosent actually multiply always by two because if you had acesse to your family tree in the previous century you would realize that lots of fore fathers are fore fathers to other fore fathers, that is, the blood mixes either by cousins or far removed cousins

  2. My view is the same as 2010, I have not fallen to decadence

  3. Why does the guy in the top left look like Frieza?

  4. This style is part of a hierarquy/family of Portuguese flags. The golden five castles on top means capital city. Other cities have a lower number of castles and castles are silver.

  5. Yes! Guine-Bissau used to be a portuguese colony, back when the flag was made it was still called Portuguese Guinea

  6. Yeah, I know, I'm Portuguese, I just leave it there to share with those who don't know.

  7. Africaness is not defined by skin colour but by cultural and blood bonds to Africa

  8. Concordo. Mudar de sexo nem que se quer é possível, sexo é biológico e não podemos fazer novos órgãos sexuais, apenas imitações vãs e disfuncionais por via da mutilação genital.

  9. Them "environementalists" invent any excuse to not build nuclear power plants

  10. 2014? Why is the first picture from half a century ago though? Seems like an odd before and after.

  11. I couldnt find a good modern one. This old one is from the municipal arquives

  12. What would the americans be less skeptical, a Fat Tax or walkable cities?

  13. Helicopter Parentes: Create a toxic and autoritarian domestic environement that dosent allow children to explore the world, deal with adversity, do things on their own and interect with different beliefs

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